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My Account: Get The Advantage Over Energy

Enroll with My Account and get the power to take charge of your energy use.

There are many ways My Account can help you. Simply enroll to get instant online access to easy bill payment and energy-management tools to save you more. You’ll also have access to SmartConnect®, our new smart meter technology that connects you to the future of energy efficiency.

Paperless Billing and Online Payment

With My Account, you can save time with Paperless Billing. Simply log in for 24-hour secure access to your latest bill along with up to 12 months of previous billing statements. Each month we’ll send an email letting you know when your new bill is ready—all you need to do is click to view.

With Online Payment, you can pay your bills securely and at your convenience with one of several payment options. Or, you can take advantage of Direct Payment and gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your bills are always paid on time.

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Budget Assistant

Budget Assistant is a free and easy-to-use online tool that helps you set monthly spending goals and stay on budget with usage reports and automated alerts.

Set Your Limit: Budget Assistant will help you set goals by calculating your summer and winter monthly bill averages so you can set a realistic target. Then, Budget Assistant will send you alerts to help you stay within your monthly limit by letting you know when you need to make adjustments—before your bill arrives.

Stay Within It: Budget Assistant sends you alerts to help you stay on budget by giving you the information you need to make the right adjustments. You can choose how often you’d like to be notified — either weekly or only when your projected energy usage is expected to exceed your monthly goal — and how you’d like Budget Assistant to send you alerts. You can be notified by email, phone or text*, whichever is most convenient.  

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*Budget Assistant is a free service; however, if you choose text message alerts, you may be subject to charges by your wireless carrier.

Usage Reports

Combined with the power of Edison SmartConnect®, My Account allows you to monitor your electricity use and costs with customized, easy-to-read reports that track usage hourly, daily, monthly and even annually. Here’s how it works:

By the Hour. The first tab of Usage Reports gives hourly averages for the previous day’s usage so you can understand how and when you use the most energy. It also charts outside temperature highs so you can see how weather impacts your energy use.

Day-to-Day. You can also see how much energy you’re using on a daily basis within your current billing cycle by clicking the Recent tab. You’ll also access your bill-to-date costs, your projected next bill total, and whether you’re expected to be over or under your Budget Assistant spending goal.

Monthly Trends. Want to know how your energy use is trending monthly or even year-to-year? The Monthly Trends tab gives you a comparison by month. To view any month in detail, click the Billed Months tab to see a daily breakdown of your electricity use during any billing cycle in the last twelve months. You’ll also see how the current month compares to same timeframe in the last two years.

Temperature Control. Usage reports also offer insights into the connection between the local outside high temperature and your energy use. Roll over a given month or day on a report to see that day’s high temperature; a better understanding of how the weather outside is driving your electricity usage in the home can be a valuable planning tool for staying on budget throughout the seasons.

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Direct Payment

Once you sign up for My Account, you might want to consider enrolling in direct payment which can be helpful if you’re occasionally forgetful, frequently out of town, or if you just want the added ease of mind of knowing your bill will always be paid on time. Each month, your bill total will be automatically deducted from your checking account.

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