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Budget Assistant: Always On Alert

Stay On Budget & In Control

Managing your energy spending is simple with our free* and easy-to-use Budget Assistant tool. Just set a spending goal. We will track your costs online in close to real-time and send you alerts (email, phone or text) on how your projected bill compares to that goal. Prevent any high bill surprises by making changes before you receive your next bill. It’s that easy!

Image: Budget Assistant Controls.

Two Ways to Make Budget Assistant Work for You

1. Stay on Top of Your Bill

  • Want to reduce your bill by 10%?
  • Set your spending goal 10% less than your average bill and select to receive weekly updates.
  • We’ll let you know how you’re performing against your spending goal, so you have time to make the small changes required to stay within your budget.

2. Don’t be Surprised by an Unexpected High Bill

Budget Assistant can give you peace-of-mind by providing early warning of a higher than normal bill. Let’s say you’re ok with your average bill, but you don’t want it to go any higher. Set your spending target slightly above your norm.

For example, if your bill is usually $110, you might set your spending limit at $120. Then, select to be notified “only if I’m over my spending goal.” You’ll receive an alert when we forecast that your next bill is expected to exceed your goal.

Enhancements Coming Soon

Starting in January, a few additional features will be added to Budget Assistant Alerts, which include:

  • New mid-month option for selecting when you receive alerts. With this option, we will send you an update half-way through your billing cycle. This is a perfect option for customers who don’t want to receive their alerts weekly, but still want to stay informed.
  • New seasonal savings tips will be added to email alerts
  • New “Early Warning” message for the High Usage Charge will be added to email alerts

Want More?

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Learn more about the new features of My Account, including your Bill-to-Date and Projected Next Bill. You can also view your recent usage down to the hour.

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* Budget Assistant alerts are a free service; however, you may incur fees for voice or text alerts as applicable through your mobile service provider.

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