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Clothes Dryers: Use & Care

Use & Care

Tips for Using Your Dryer Efficiently:

Dry Outside:

Air-dry your clothes in nice weather and let the sun do the work, for free.

Fill It Up:

Fill up your dryer with a full load just as you would with a clothes washer, but don’t overstuff it.

Make a Match: 

Dry similar clothes together as lighter clothes tend to take less time to dry than heavier clothes or other items made from heavier fabrics, such as bath towels.

Next Up: 

Dry multiple loads in a row while the air inside the dryer is still warm from the previous load.

Don’t Overdo It: 

If your dryer has a moisture sensor, use it. If it has a timer, consider shortening the drying time setting. Over-drying wastes energy and will damage your clothes.

Warm & Dry:

Keep your dryer in a warm space because the dryer has to work harder to heat up in a cold room.

Filter Factor:

Keep lint filter clean to in order to allow proper airflow. If you have an electric dryer, install a lint kit that allows you to re-direct the warm air from the dryer into your home in the colder months.

Let’s Vent: 

Be sure the outside dryer vent fits snugly. If not, then replace it.


If you’re thinking about making efficiency improvements, the Clothes Dryer Overview is a great place to get acquainted with the basics and your options, before you buy or install a new washing machine in your home.

Buyers Guide

Before you shop for efficiency upgrades, visit the Clothes Dryer Buyer’s Guide for easy facts and figures that can help you choose the best appliance for your home, needs and budget.

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