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Laundry Appliances: Wash & Learn

The Spin on Savings

Washers use a lot of electricity, much of which goes to heating water. Buying new, more efficient appliances will help reduce energy use, but you may discover that even  just a few simple changes to the way your clean and dry your clothes can have a significant impact on energy savings.

Quick Tips

Clothes Washer

A cold wash and rinse in a clothes washer uses 5 to 10 times less energy than a hot wash and warm rinse.1

Use & CareClothes Washer

Clothes Dryer

Doing 1 large load of laundry in the clothes dryer is more economical than drying two small loads…so think big!

Use & CareClothes Dryer

1ACEEE. (2010). Consumer Resources: Laundry. Retrieved October 2, 2012, from http://aceee.org/consumer/laundry

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