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최근의 서비스 중단으로 손실이나 손해를 입은 고객 중 이 손실이 SCE의 책임이라고 생각하는 고객께서는 클레임을 신청하실 수 있습니다. 클레임 신청 방법 >

각각의 클레임을 개별적으로 조사하고 평가해서 신속하게 대처하는 것이 SCE의 방침입니다.

Long Beach Update

As of Friday night, we have restored service to most of the 260 customers that were without service by connecting generators. The handful of remaining customers will be without power overnight. Unfortunately, some locations are not able to be connected to generators because of equipment issues at the building or the location's accessibility. Our crews have made significant progress conducting detailed inspections on more than 300 vaults. As of 10 pm, 94% of these inspections have been completed. Once inspections are complete, the results will be analyzed and a network remediation plan will be developed. We continue to make repairs on the equipment. We encourage customers in Long Beach to make every effort to conserve use of electricity as we continue to return the system to its full operational capacity. The safety of the public and our crews remain our highest priority. We thank the city of Long Beach for its cooperation and for the safety efforts of first responders in the Long Beach Fire and Police departments. Get the latest update >

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