How to Submit a Claim to SCE

If you have suffered a loss or damage due to recent service interruption, and believe we may be responsible, you may submit a claim. How to submit your claim >

We investigate and evaluate each claim individually, and our policy is to respond promptly.

Long Beach Update

As of 1:13 p.m. today, power has been restored to all customers in Long Beach, however some customers who have been on generator power may experience temporary outages as we connect them to the network as safely as possible.

We thank customers for their patience as we work to restore them to the network as safely and efficiently as possible. We encourage customers in Long Beach to make every effort to conserve use of electricity as we continue to return the system to its full operational capacity.

We will continue to distribute food, ice, and water at a distribution center at 925 Locust Avenue until 9 p.m. tonight. The safety of the public and our crews remain our highest priority. We thank the city of Long Beach for its cooperation and for the especially important safety efforts of first responders in the Long Beach Fire and Police departments. Get the latest update >

Fans: Use and Care

Use & Care

Fan Care: Maintenance. 

When used and cared for properly, fans can help reduce the amount of energy your AC uses, or even replace it completely.

Above Board: Ceiling Fans

Use ceiling fans in rooms with ceilings at least eight feet high.1

Keep It Handy: Portables

Portable fans can be good energy savers. They cool people (not rooms) so you can move portable fans throughout the house as needed.

It’s a Breeze: Window Fans

Window fans can be effective at moving cool air into homes. Turn your window fans on in the morning and evening to circulate fresh, cool air into your living space.

Finished Fanning? Shut It Down

Fans (except window fans) work by cooling people, not rooms—so remember to turn fans off when you leave.


If you’re thinking about making efficiency improvements, the Fans Overview is a great place to get acquainted with the basics and your options, before you buy or install fans in your home.
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1U.S. Department of Energy. 2012. Energy Savers: Fans for Cooling. Retrieved September 28, 2012, from