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Self-Generation Incentive Program

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Earn financial incentives for installing self-generation equipment to meet all or a portion of your business’ energy needs. Contact us with your SGIP program questions at SGIPGroup@sce.com

Designed with Business in Mind

If you want to generate your own power, the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) could be a good option for your home or business. SGIP offers rebates to residential, commercial, industrial, government and non-profit customers who install qualifying types of distributed generation to meet all or a portion of their own energy needs.

The SGIP can help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions while also helping reduce electrical system demand, which in turn helps reduce the need to build expensive fossil fuel-fired power plants.

There are several rebate levels based on the technology type you use and how much energy you generate. The SGIP Handbook (PDF) offers a detailed guide to the program, and will answer questions you might have about equipment and rebates.

How to Apply

Getting Started
For most homes and businesses, the SGIP application is a three-step process:

Reserve an SGIP Incentive
To start the application process and reserve your SGIP rebate, you must complete the application online at www.selfgenca.com. Your reservation request will be reviewed by an SGIP Program Administrator and you’ll receive a Conditional Reservation Letter once all forms are received and approved.

West LA Basin Local Reliability Area Zip Codes

Applications for projects within the West LA Basin are given higher priority in an event a lottery is required for the incentive step.

Attached is zip code list and interactive map of the West Los Angeles Basin Local Reliability Area (LRA) of Southern California Edison’s service territory.

The zip code list may contain zip codes that are fully or partially with in this area.  Please use the interactive map to confirm that your site is within the West LA Basin LRA.

The attached map overlay is used in conjunction with Google Earth.  The applicant must have Google Earth, a free software available at Google.com, uploaded to their computer or device.

The overlay outlines the West LA Basin LRA

The applicant enters a site address to the interactive map.  A plot point of the site address will show if it falls within the West LA Basin LRA.

West LA Basin LRA Zip Code List



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