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Charging Your Electric Vehicle

We Hold the Keys to Home Fueling

Want to know more about home fueling, electricity rate plans for EV owners, or installing a home charging station? We have what you need to get going.


Learn from the New EV Rate Assistant

By using our Electric Vehicle Rate Assistant, you can learn how to determine the potential impact to your bill when you charge from home. EV Rate Assistant estimates the cost of charging an EV using rates available to you. You can compare the cost of electric fueling to your gasoline vehicle. Your wallet will thank you, and so will our environment.

Tools & Resources

Ready to get on the road to electric vehicle charging? We can help, with tools and resources for electric vehicle owners, from charging station maps to resources to find vendors and installers.


Installing Your Charging Station

Where will you plug in your new electric vehicle, and how fast do you want to charge it? Will you need to install equipment or upgrade your wiring? Whether you live in a house or a multi-unit complex, we’re here to help you understand your options for charging at home.

Electric Vehicle Benefits

Driving a plug-in electric vehicle can help benefit the environment. Vehicles fueled with electricity from the grid can help improve air quality and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.



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