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Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Ready, Set, Charge

Want to know more about home fueling, electricity rate plans for electric vehicle (EV) owners, or installing a home charging station? We have what you need to get going.


On the Road to Big Benefits

From fuel savings to fewer emissions, there are so many great reasons to go electric. Check out the positive impact EVs have on the environment, plus discover incentives that can make EV ownership more affordable.


This Way to the Right Rate

As an EV driver, you can choose from a few different rate options. Need help deciding which one is the best for you? Try our EV Rate Assistant tool and read up on the specifics of the rates we offer.

Take Charge of EV Fueling

See how to charge your EV at home and locate charging stations where you can plug in on the go. You’ll also find details on different charging levels and charging times.

Pick Up More Helpful Information

Do you know the difference between a plug-in hybrid and a battery electric vehicle? We’ve got you covered with Tools & Resources that explain it all—and even help you know what questions to ask.


EV for Business

Find out how to get your business rolling with EV charging and the benefits of converting to an EV fleet.

Charge Ready Program

We’re working closely with organizations to make it easier for you to charge EVs across the region by installing EV charging stations at qualified sites. If you’re interested in adding EV charging stations to your property or you’d like your employer to offer charging stations at your work, learn about the Charge Ready Program.


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