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CARE & FERA Capitation Fee Program

Capitation Fee Program

We’re pleased to offer reimbursement to organizations helping income-qualified customers gain assistance through the CARE or FERA program. If your organization dedicates resources to enrolling individuals and families in these programs, you could be entitled to a capitation fee to offset your expenses, ranging from $1 to a maximum of up to $20.

Under the Capitation Fee Project, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has authorized SCE to pay a capitation fee to participating organizations for each new customer they help to enroll in the CARE or FERA Program. This project is intended to encourage community-based organizations to partner with SCE to assist their hardest-to-reach customer populations with enrollment in the CARE or FERA Program.

The capitation fee reimburses entities for the incremental work associated with assisting customers in completing a CARE/FERA Program Application. Starting January 1, 2013, a fee of up to $20 has been authorized by the CPUC. . The capitation fee is paid only for customers actually enrolled in the CARE or FERA Program as a result of an agency’s assistance; Capitation fees are not paid for:

  1. Any efforts that do not result in a customer being enrolled in the CARE or FERA Program.
  2. Applications that are rejected as incomplete, ineligible, illegible, or other reasons.
  3. Applications received for customers already participating in the CARE or FERA Program.

Order CARE/FERA Application Request Form

How To Become an SCE Capitation Agency

To participate in the CARE Capitation Fee program, simply complete and return the Expression of Interest Form.
Download the Form

Please email or mail the Expression of Interest Form to the SCE CARE/FERA Team, as follows:

SCE CARE Capitation Program
1515 Walnut Grove Avenue, 2nd Fl, 2C9-06
Rosemead, CA 91770
E-mail: careandferacap@sce.com

CARE Capitation agencies are accepted based on SCE’s geographic needs and the agency’s ability to seamlessly integrate the CARE Capitation Fee program into its existing service delivery.

Agencies selected for program participation will be contacted by an SCE representative who will assist them with the Capitation agreement process. New agencies will receive training on program implementation and all CARE enrollment materials.