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使用 Home and Business Area Network (住宅及商業區域網絡) 裝置,您可以即時掌握您的能源消耗。認識自己的用電時間及方式,就能開始在日常生活中聰明用電。

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Home Energy Advisor

Looking to take advantage of the easiest ways to save money on your electricity bill? Our Home Energy Advisor offers information on your home energy usage, ways to conserve and more. Get tips for simple changes to maximize savings in your home.

Want to Apply by Mail? Want to Apply by Mail?

Print this paper–based Survey (PDF). Fill it in at your convenience, then return it by mail to:

Home Energy Advisor Survey
Profile Processing Center
155 Grand Avenue, Suite 500
Oakland, CA 94612

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Rates Are Changing

You have the right to know how your energy bill may be affected.



Home Energy Guide (住宅能源指南)




Net Energy Metering (淨計量電價)

利用再生能源系統,省電更多。如果您的產電量大於用電量,我們的Net Energy Metering (NEM-淨計量電價) 選項可以讓您獲得盈餘電量的抵免額。我們有Standard NEM(標準淨計量電價)、Fuel Cell NEM(燃料電池淨計量電價)以及Virtual Net Metering(虛擬淨計量電價)等選項供您選擇。

Electric Vehicles

Get ready to experience the convenience of charging at home with an Electric Vehice or Plug-in Hybrid. Learn about rate and charging options whether you're owners, or installing a home charging station.

Rebates For Your Home

Thinking about upgrading your appliances? Maximize your savings by taking advantage of the numerous rebates and savings programs we offer to help you save on your electric bill.

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