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Regulatory Information - Advice Letters

Advice Letters

An Advice Letter is a document filed with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requesting review of a utility’s request to change its tariffs in a manner previously authorized by statute or Commission order, to conform the tariffs to the requirements of a statute or Commission order, to obtain Commission authorization to deviate from its tariffs, or to propose a new product or service. A utility may seek a rate increase by means of an advice letter only if use of an advice letter for this purpose is authorized by statute or CPUC order.

The advice letter process provides a quick and simplified review of the types of utility requests that are expected neither to be controversial nor to raise important policy questions.

Electric, gas, water, and telecommunication advice letters filed with the CPUC are categorized below based on their current status.


To receive additional information about the advice letter process, a copy of a protest, reply to a protest, comments on a draft resolution, or to be placed on SCE’s service list to receive copies of any category of advice letter (e.g., electric, gas, water or telecommunication), please email us at AdviceTariffManager@sce.com.