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Renewable & Alternative Power

Request for Proposals (RFP)

The 2014 RPS Solicitation is now closed. SCE launched the 2014 RPS Solicitation on December 18, 2014 and the last to day to submit offers was at 1:00 pm Pacific Time on February 2, 2015. For more information, please go to the 2014 RPS website:


Solicitation Schedule

2014 RPS Solicitation Schedule (Subject to Change)
          Date           Event
December 18, 2014
Noon PST
SCE releases 2014 RPS Solicitation RFP.
January 12, 2015 SCE hosts a Bidders’ Conference. Bidders can begin submitting their proposals via the Accion web site
February 2, 2015
1:00 p.m. PST

Last day for Sellers to upload their completed Proposal to the website, including all associated documents, exactly as described in the Protocol and Form of Sellers Proposal.

SCE informs CPUC that bidding is closed.

March 24, 2015

Latest date SCE advises all Sellers on the status of their Proposals relative to SCE’s Short-List.

For Sellers whose Proposals have been named to the Short-List, negotiations must be completed within 90 days from this date.

SCE submits Short-List to CPUC and PRG.

June 22, 2015 SCE and Short-Listed Sellers complete negotiations of the Final Agreements.
July 18, 2015 SCE signs the final agreements.
October 16, 2015 SCE submits the Final Agreements by way of Advice Letters to the CPUC for approval.



Should you have any questions regarding this RPS Solicitation, please send a message via the messaging feature on the 2014 RPS website.

In accordance with D.06-05-039, SCE has retained an Independent Evaluator to oversee the preparation and administration of the RFP and provide independent feedback to the CPUC’s Energy Division and to participate in SCE’s Procurement Review Group established by the CPUC in D.02-08-071 (the “PRG”).

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