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Renewable Auction Mechanism (RAM)

In D.10-12-048, the Commission adopted a new procurement process called the Renewable Auction Mechanism (“RAM”), to procure renewable energy from generating facilities that are no greater than 20 megawatts and no less than 3 megawatts in nameplate capacity, eligible under the California Renewables Portfolio Standard (“RPS”) program, and located within the service territory of either Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Diego Gas & Electric Company, or SCE.

In addition, pursuant to D.15-01-051, SCE will include in its sixth RAM solicitation (“RAM 6”) an allocation for advance procurement of Green Tariff Shared Renewables resources, each defined as a new generating facility 1) using solar energy, 2) with a nameplate capacity that is no less than 0.5 MW and no greater than 20 MW, 3) located within the service territory of SCE, and 4) complying with all other applicable RAM eligibility requirements.

For more information, or to participate in RAM, please visit the RAM website located at:


Applicants must register with the site to participate in the RAM program. RAM documents, schedule, announcements and other information is available to the public on the site without registering.



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