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2014 Energy Storage (ES)

September 22, 2015:

SCE has selected the following resources from the 2014 ES RFO:

Seller Contract Type MWs Number of Contracts
Stanton Energy Reliability Center, LLC (W Power, LLC) RA Only 1.3 1
Western Grid Development, LLC RA Only 15 2

December 1, 2015:

SCE Launches its 2014 Energy Storage RFO

SCE is pleased to announce the launch of its first Energy Storage Request for Offers ("2014 ES RFO") for Product from eligible Energy Storage Resources ("ESRs"). Information and documents regarding the 2014 ES RFO can be found on the 2014 ES RFO website: https://scees.accionpower.com.

In accordance with California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) Decision (“D.”) 13-10-040, Southern California Edison Company (“SCE”) intends to issue an Energy Storage Request for Offers (“Energy Storage RFO”) for qualifying energy storage products by December 1, 2014:

D.13-10-040 can be found by clicking on the link below:


SCE’s Application submitted to Energy Division pursuant to D. 13-10-040 can be found by clicking on the link below:


SCE’s supporting testimony, detailing SCE’s 2014 energy storage procurement plan, as well as Appendix B1, detailing SCE’s proposed RFO instructions, can be found by clicking on the link:


SCE's proposed RFO schedule, subject to CPUC approval of SCE's 2014 Energy Storage Procurement Plan, can be found by clicking the link below:


As detailed in the above documents, SCE proposes specific generation interconnection requirements for the 2014 Energy Storage RFO. The relevant tariffs that govern the generation interconnection process in SCE’s service territory are below:


SCE has developed the following interconnection matrix to assist sellers in understanding the various types of interconnection application processes available when interconnecting in SCE’s service territory and the types of projects each study process is appropriate for. The matrix provides information on eligibility, cost, and applicable tariff, as well as requirements for site control and application milestones. The matrix is intended as a useful guide, but parties should review the relevant tariffs directly for the most complete and recent information. SCE encourages sellers to fully understand the details of the applicable tariffs so they know the steps and timeframe for SCE’s Grid Interconnection and Contract Development group to deliver the required study.

SCE’s Interconnection Matrix1

An SCE webpage devoted to interconnection can be found by clicking the link below:


Should you have questions regarding the 2014 Energy Storage RFO:
Please email EnergyStorageRFO@sce.com or contact:
Rosalie Roth(626) 302-3672

At SCE’s discretion, the answers to your questions may be posted on this site.

1: This matrix is intended as an informational guide regarding certain interconnection options available within SCE's service territory. Parties should review the relevant tariffs directly for the most complete and recent information, as the relevant tariffs will govern in the event of a conflict with the information provided in this matrix. Timeframes included in this matrix are estimates only and actual timeframes may vary depending on many factors, including the number of interconnection requests received by the interconnection provider. To minimize the impact of any unexpected delays, it is advisable to start the interconnection process as early as possible.






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