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Notice of Accessing, Collecting, Storing, Using and Disclosing Energy Usage Information

Last updated: October 2013

This Energy Usage Notice applies to you if you receive electric utility services from us.

Southern California Edison (“SCE”) understands our electric utility customers’ concerns with the appropriate protection and secure transfer, storage, and use of Energy Usage Information.

Southern California Edison (“SCE”) understands our electric utility customers’ concerns with the appropriate protection and secure transfer, storage, and use of Energy Usage Information. We define Energy Usage Information in our Notice as detailed electrical usage information obtained through our Advanced Metering Infrastructure, which include our SmartConnect and Real Time Energy Meter systems, when associated with any information that can reasonably identify you, your family, household residence, or other non-residential customer. Examples of this information include detailed electrical energy usage information combined with your name and utility account number.

We regard Energy Usage Information as a type of Personal Information. Get more details on Personal Information.

To help ensure your Energy Usage Information is appropriately managed, SCE complies with applicable privacy and security regulations, company policies, and uses information security technologies to safeguard Energy Usage Information.


Consistent with our Rule 3 tariff, Application for Service, SCE collects, stores, uses, and under limited circumstances, discloses Energy Usage Information to provide essential services to its customers. An SCE activity is considered an essential service if it is in connection with any of the following:

  • Providing your electrical power;
  • Generating your electric bill;
  • Fulfilling system, grid, or operational needs;
  • Providing you the ability to see your energy usage on a next-day basis, for customers with a SmartMeter, by logging into the My Account section of our website;
  • Providing other services as required by state or federal law, or by an order of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC); and/or
  • Planning, implementing, or evaluating SCE’s Demand Response, Energy Management, or Energy Efficiency programs.



We may contract with third parties to help us provide the essential services described above. When necessary to perform the work, we may share your Energy Usage Information with our third-party contractors. In our contracts with the third-party contractors, we will require them to have policies and procedures to protect SCE’s customers’ Energy Usage Information from being disclosed.

In addition, we may share your Energy Usage Information with non-governmental third parties when they are providing those same types of services either under a contract with the CPUC or when the CPUC issues an order that directs us to share your Energy Usage Information with the third party.

SCE only shares your Energy Usage Information with government agencies that are using, collecting, and storing that Energy Usage Information to perform energy efficiency, energy evaluation, or other specified services and have obtained a CPUC Order or Resolution that directs us to disclose your Energy Usage Information.

Finally, we will only disclosure your Energy Usage Information for a purpose unrelated to the essential services discussed above under four specific circumstance: (1) upon receipt of your explicit consent to release information to a third party that you specifically identify, (2) pursuant to legal process such as a warrant or subpoena, (3) in the case of an imminent threat to life or property, or (4) as ordered by the CPUC.

Under all circumstances, we will limit the type and amount of Energy Usage Information that is shared with third parties to that which is reasonably necessary for the third party to accomplish the purpose for which it needs access to your Energy Usage Information.


We offer certain choices about how we communicate with you and what personal information we obtain. In some cases you have the right to limit, or opt-out, the information you provide to us.

  • As stated in Rule 6, Establishment and Re-Establishment of Credit you may be asked to provide your Social Security Number for us to determine if you are subject to a deposit. You have the right to not provide us your Social Security Number but you may be charged a deposit or have the deposit waived if enrolled in Direct Payment.
  • One of the ways we provide you instant access to your bill, make payments, and receive important alerts is by the My Account service, which requires you to provide us your email address. You have the right not to provide your email address; however, you will not be able to take advantage of our online services such as electronic billing and payments.
  • If you have signed up to receive promotional emails from us, you can opt out of receiving these emails at any time by clicking on the link located at the bottom of the email in order to unsubscribe from future mailings or by contacting us in the manner described in the Contact Us section. If you are a customer who has registered to use My Account to access your account on our website, you can opt out of future mailings by updating the preferences section within My Account.

You may also use one of the methods listed in the Contact Us section to learn more about ways to limit, or opt-out, of the collection and sharing of your information. To ensure the confidentiality of your information, we encourage you to never share user name and password, information from your customer bill, including your account number, energy usage information, or other personal information with anyone who could use this information to access your account without your consent. If you believe your Personal Information may have been compromised, immediately contact us.


Periodically, we may aggregate your Energy Usage Information with that of others in various formats so that your Energy Usage Information becomes anonymous and cannot personally identify you. We use the information for various analysis, reporting and program management purposes, including to analyze rates and rate structures, evaluate energy usage demand needs, and determine potential growth within a geographic area. This aggregated information is not considered Personal or Energy Usage Information and may be shared with third parties that we do business with.


We will retain your Energy Usage Information in compliance with law and only has long as reasonably necessary or as authorized by the Commission to accomplish one of the primary purposes described above or for a purpose that you specifically authorize.


We may periodically update this Notice. You can access this Notice, all updates to it, and prior versions of it here. You may also access this Notice by calling SCE at 1-800-655-4555 for residential customers or 1-800-990-7788 for business customers. You will annually receive communication from us on how to obtain a copy of this Notice.


If you have any questions or concerns about this Notice, or to find out how you can limit, view, or dispute your disclosed information, you may contact us at:

Southern California Edison
Attention: Privacy Compliance Program – Director, Ethics & Compliance
Post Office Box 6400
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729

Residential Customers: 1-800-655-4555
Business Customers: 1-800-990-7788