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We Hold the Keys to Better Home Fueling

Your Partner in Plugging In

You customers will come to your dealership with lots of questions. Ask them to visit SCE.com/EV for answers. With 125 years of experience providing safe and reliable electricity, we can put your customers at ease about home fueling, so you can focus on getting them behind the wheel.


Set Up & Satisfied

Your customers will appreciate knowing that we offer special rate plans for electric vehicle owners, featuring lower rates for charging at night. When your buyers are ready to purchase, advise them to call us at 1-800-4EV-INFO to speak with a Home Fueling AdvisorSM for an EV Power PlanSMand individual support to help them prepare their home for electric fueling.


Getting Your Dealership Plugged In

Thinking about installing plug-in electric vehicle charging stations at your dealership? We’re here to support you during the planning stages. Visit our business customer page to get acquainted with your options, from equipment to rate plans, to getting a personalized rate analysis for your business.


Info for Your Customers

You can learn more about your customers’ options for electric vehicle rate plans, charging and installation choices, or find links to government rebates and incentives on our residential customer page. By getting informed, you can help them make a smooth transition to an electric car. Additional resources to share are provided below.

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Residential Rates Fact Sheet
Plug-In Car Rate Assistant Tool 
Public Charging Station Map


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