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Your City’s Fueling Future

As the fuel provider for electric vehicles, we are committed to providing your constituents effective education and outreach on charging, installation, and rate options. We are also ready to support you with information as a new way to fuel comes to your community.


Paving the Way Together

We’re ready to collaborate with you in bringing electric vehicle fueling to your city’s residents and businesses. We can help you plan by sharing best practices, including installation information, problem solving customer issues, and coordinating regional planning. Want to bring EV fueling to your city and be recognized for your efforts? Click on the SCE Champion Cities Program below.  Email us if you have questions or want to get started.


Outfitting Your City & Fleet

If your city is considering public charging or electric vehicle fleets, we can help you develop an electric fueling strategy. Call us to take advantage of tools and resources that can help you plan and manage your energy costs and provide safe, reliable, and efficient charging within your community.  We are ready to serve as your partner to develop solutions to meet your EV charging needs.   Contact your SCE Account Representative and visit our business customer page to get plugged in.

Please note that business interested in setting up EV-charging services need to understand the legal, regulatory, and other requirements that may be involved. We cannot advise customers on pricing or other aspects of a business involving the sale of electric vehicle charging services, but we can provide assistance to those interested in service upgrades, metering, and rates associated with EV charging.


Link your City Website to Ours

To ensure your constituents have the right information about electric car fueling, ask your webmaster to add the following copy and link to your city’s website:
Simply replace xxx with your city name.

Considering an electric car or installing charging stations? Visit Southern California Edison—your electric fuel provider—to learn more about charging, installation, and rate options. <BR>
Visit <A href=
?from=xxx" target="_blank"><STRONG>
</A> to learn more. 

Info for Your Residents & Businesses

Residents can call us at 1-800-4EV-INFO to speak with an SCE Home Fuel AdvisorSM and get an EV Power PlanSM that will provide a personalized rate analysis, including information on special rate plans for electric car owners, along with individual support to help prepare their homes for fueling. Businesses looking to provide charging for customers, employees, tenants or fleets can contact their SCE Account Representative or call 1-800-990-7788 for a customized rate analysis and support in planning for and installing charging infrastructure.

SCE: Helping You Charge Smart
SCE’s Role
EV 101
Residential Rates Fact Sheet
Non Residential Rates Fact Sheet

SCE Champion Cities Program

Our Champion Cities Program contributes to improving local communities’ PEV readiness while supporting our long-term objective of providing a positive experience for our customers who adopt PEVs.

The Champion Cities Program publicly recognizes leading municipalities—so far including Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, Rolling Hills Estates, Rancho Cucamonga, Santa Monica, and Seal Beach—that have implemented specific systematic methods for facilitating the charging of plug-in electric vehicles.

Criteria for achieving Champion City status include demonstrating a commitment to PEV readiness and implementing the following best practices:  

  1. Implementing process streamlining for EVSE infrastructure installation
  2. Implementing public education and outreach program 
  3. Actively participating in regional EV readiness initiatives
  4. Implementing EV infrastructure 
  5. Amending building codes for EV charging

Email us if you have questions or want to get started.

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