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Getting Started with Direct Access

Direct Access ESP Handbook

The Direct Access ESP Handbook (ESP Handbook) contains all the instructions and establishment forms required for an ESP to do business within our service territory. The ESP Handbook, which can be downloaded in sections from the table below, is updated on a regular basis to reflect changes to DA regulations and our operations. Each chapter has a version number and date to ensure you're working with the latest information.

This site will be continually updated to provide you with our most current Direct Access business and operational methods and tools. If you are an Electric Service Provider (ESP) and are unable to print the material from this website, or don't find the answer to your question, please contact Customer Choice Services(formerly ESP Services).

A Guide To Conducting Business With Southern California Edison Under Direct Access

(Updated February 1, 2017)

Our Direct Access ESP Handbook has been updated to version 7.0, dated February1, 2017. View the handbook update summary.

Direct Access ESP Handbook (PDFs)

Links to Rate Schedules (PDFs)

SCE Establishment And Enrollment Forms

Chapter 3 of the Direct Access ESP Handbook (PDF) contains the forms needed for ESP establishment with us to serve Direct Access customers within our service territory.

SCE Enrollment Forms

The three most commonly enrollment used forms are described and provided below

CISR-S Forms

The CISR-S forms (PDF) are used to obtain customer information from us. Here you will find form instructions. Effective Nov. 1, 2016, we will only accept the current 14-796 CISR form dated March 2016.

Post Phase-In Enrollment Process

  • Click here to be directed to detailed process information for participation in the Annual Direct Access Enrollment Lottery.

Bundled Portfolio Service (BPS)

If a DA customer chooses to return to bundled service for a term longer than 60 days, they must provide us with a Six-Month Advance Notice to Return to Bundled Portfolio Service (PDF) prior to becoming eligible for BPS service. They have three business days after we receive their six-month advance notice to rescind the notice and remain on DA service. If they elect BPS service, they must make an 18-month commitment and will not be eligible to return to DA service until their 18-month minimum period has been completed. If they return to BPS service, they continue to be responsible for any Direct Access Cost Responsibility Surcharge (DA CRS) under-collection balance incurred during the period they were taking DA service. At the end of the initial 18-month term, they will have the option to return to DA service or remain on bundled service.
Six Month Advance Notice to Return to Bundled Portfolio Service

Direct Access (DA) Service

If a customer has fulfilled their 18-month BPS commitment, they have the option of transferring to DA service. If they elect to transfer to DA service after the end of the 18-month BPS commitment period, they are required to provide us with six months advance notice using the Six-Month Advance Notice to Transfer to Direct Access form (PDF). They have three business days after we receive their six-month advance notice to rescind the notice and remain on bundled service. We will provide them with a written confirmation and necessary switching process information within 10 business days of receiving their notice, including the final deadline for us to receive a Direct Access Service Request (DASR) from their ESP to return to DA service. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide this information to their ESP.
Six Month Advance Notice to Transfer to Direct Access Service

Submission of Six-Month Notice Forms

After printing and completing either form, it should be mailed, e-mailed, or faxed to us at:
Southern California Edison

Attn: Direct Access Service Center
6020 N. Irwindale Avenue, Suite I
Irwindale, CA 91702

E-mail: danotices@scewebservices.com

FAX: 562-491-3630
Attn: Direct Access Service Center

Guides & Tools

Please use the following implementation and mapping guides when exchanging your information between the ESP and us for billing, DASR, metering data, and account maintenance. Please review guidelines for the areas below:

  • Billing Data Exchange
  • DASR Processing
  • Account Maintenance
  • Monthly Meter Usage Data

Though electronic data interchange (EDI) format is preferred, comma separated value (CSV or CMEP) is acceptable for billing and DASR data exchange.
We have provided Excel tools to assist with CMEP format exchange. Please refer to the ESP Handbook for complete data exchange protocol. Our guides are UIG compliant and conform to ANSI X12 standards. Visit the UIG Web site to obtain mapping guides for each EDI transaction set.

DASR Processing (PDFs)

DASR Business Process (v2.0) 
CMEP (CSV) DASR Asst for WinXP*
CMEP (CSV) DASR Asst for Win95/NT Instructions* (PDF)
CMEP (CSV) DASR Asst for Win95/NT* (ZIP)

*Note: Software offered above will only work on PC's running Windows 95 or the Windows NT Operating System. Win95/NT users may have to hold down the SHIFT key before clicking on the link to download and save the files to their computers. Other PC and Macintosh users should use the DASR Assistant.xls file and instructions

Guidelines: Monthly Meter Usage Data

We follow the California Transaction Set 867 mapping guide (PDF) in its entirety except where indicated.
For monthly usage data, the separate CMEP and EDI files can be identified by filename. CMEP files will continue to be named "FILENAME.CMEP" EDI formatted files will be named "FILENAME.EDI". If you currently retrieve your files by logging onto the MDMA server using a browser, you can choose to retrieve the CMEP file, the EDI file, or both. If you are currently using the "Getfilenames" CGI script, you can continue to do so. However, the scripts will continue to retrieve the CMEP formatted filenames only. You can retrieve EDI filenames with this script by changing "Getfilenames" to "GetEDIfilenames."

Historical Meter Data

The historical data will be posted to SCE's MDMA server in compliance with the EDI 867 (v.4010) UIG transaction set. This data will be posted at acceptance, and again at completion, of the Direct Access Service Request (DASR). Files containing historical data will end with a ".hst" suffix.

Please note: SCE no longer provides historical data according to California Metering Exchange Protocol (CMEP).

EDI Transaction Set 867 Version 4010 Implementation Guide (PDF)

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