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Direct Access Overview

Direct Access Infographic

providing electricity supply
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delivering energy, maintaining lines, billing customers
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providing customer service
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enabling customer energy choices

What is Direct Access?

Direct Access (DA) is an option that allows customers to elect to purchase electricity and other services from an Electric Service Provider (ESP), instead of SCE. An ESP is the entity that contracts directly with the customer to provide electric service, and is responsible for arranging an adequate supply of electricity. ESPs are required to meet certain requirements with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in addition to meeting SCE’s financial and technical requirements.

Learn More About Direct Access


Want to get started as a Direct Access (DA) participant? We will provide you with an Overview of DA service and the roles and responsibilities of Southern California Edison and the Electric Service Provider (ESP).

Register As an ESP

ESP Registration

Learn about the registration requirements to become an Electric Service Provider. Understand how to communicate with SCE through Electronic Data Interface (EDI).

Participate In Direct Access


Learn how to enroll customers into Direct Access (DA) or participate in the DA Lottery. Get information on the daily operations for Electric Service Providers (ESPs).

Discontinue Direct Access Service


Learn about cancelling Direct Access service and the switching exemptions guidelines.

FAQ for Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Direct Access?

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