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Community Choice Aggregation Handbook

The Community Choice Aggregation Handbook (CCA Handbook) contains all the instructions and enrollment forms required for a CCA to do business within our service territory. The CCA Handbook, which can be downloaded in sections from the table below, will be updated on a regular basis to reflect changes in CCA regulations and our operations. Each chapter has a version number and date to ensure you're working with the latest information.

Feel free to view the CCA Handbook using the links in the table below, or print all or part of it to use as a reference offline. If you are unable to print the material from this Web site, contact CCA Services for a hardcopy of the Handbook.

Contact CCA services at ccasupport@sce.com

The Community Choice Aggregation Handbook: A Guide To Conducting Business With Southern California Edison Under Community Choice Aggregation

CCA Handbook, version 3.0, dated February 1, 2017.

CCA Handbook (PDFs)

Links to CCA Rules and Rate Schedules (PDFs)

SCE Establishment and Enrollment Forms

Chapter 4 of the Community Choice Aggregation Handbook (PDF) contains the forms necessary for ESP establishment with us to service Community Choice Aggregation customers within our service territory.


This section contains the information and documentation required for CCAs to request either aggregated or confidential usage data in support of establishing a CCA in our service territory.

Aggregated Usage Data

Aggregated usage data is generally released to the requesting City, County, JPA, or government agency up to two times per calendar year at no charge. For any CCA information request that exceeds the two times per calendar year limit, a processing fee of $256.62 will be charged for each additional report.

Confidential Usage Data

Certain services fees will be charged to the requesting City, County, JPA, or government agency for activities performed by us to provide monthly information regarding usage (kWh), peak demand (kW) where available, rate class average load profiles, rate class average coincident peak factors, and the number of customers within the requesting City, County, JPA, or government agency service area. The reports provided under this section will not include customers not eligible to be included in CCA Automatic Enrollment.

All requests for confidential data usage data must be returned to the following address accompanied by a CCA Declaration, Non-Disclosure Agreement, one Non-Disclosure Agreement Exhibit A for each individual being granted access to the resulting data file(s)/report(s), and a check for payment of requested reports as applicable.

Southern California Edison
Customer Choice Services
Attention: CCA Support
6020 N. Irwindale Avenue, Suite "I"
Irwindale, CA 91702

CCA Non-Disclosure Form 14-769 (PDF) 

CCA Declaration Form 14-770 (PDF)

All report titles and associated service fees can be found in SCE Schedule CCA-INFO:Community Choice Aggregation-Information Fees (PDF)

Six-Month Advance Notice to Return to Bundled Portfolio Service

CCA customers choosing to return to bundled service must provide us with a Six-Month Advance Notice to Return to Bundled Portfolio Service at least six months in advance of the date they intend to switch to BPS in order for them to become eligible for BPS by that date. Once received, they will have a three business-day rescission period after which this notification cannot be cancelled. They will also receive confirmation of their notice to return to BPS within ten (10) business days.

Those customers who return to BPS must make a 12-month commitment to remain on TBS and/or BPS and will not be eligible to return to CCA Service, as applicable, until their 12-month minimum commitment period has been fulfilled.

At the end of the 12-month commitment, customers will have the option to transfer to DA service or CCA Service, as applicable, or remain on bundled service.

Six-Month Notice to Transfer to Community Choice Aggregation Service (CCA)

Those customers who wish to transfer to CCA Service must provide a six-month advance notice to SCE in order to become eligible for CCA. Once received by SCE, they will have a rescission period of three business days after which this notification cannot be cancelled.

In addition, customers will receive confirmation of their notice to transfer to CCA Service within ten (10) business days. This notice will specify the date that their CCA must submit a Community Choice Aggregation Service Request (CCASR) to us in order to transfer their account(s). The six-month advance notice to transfer to CCA Service will be cancelled if we do not receive a CCASR by the date specified in the notice.

If we do not receive a CCASR by the end of a customer's six-month notice period, their account(s) will be placed on Transitional Bundled Service (TBS) and will be billed spot market prices for six months. At the end of the six-month TBS period, their account will be placed on Bundled Portfolio Service (BPS) for the remainder of the 12-month commitment period.

TBS Output Sheets

All files are in Excel format.


November 2017




June 2016































For 2008 data, reference the 2008 Procurement Charge Documents

Data Exchange Guides & Tools

Please use the following implementation and mapping guides when exchanging customer information between the CCA and us for billing, DASR, metering data, and account maintenance. Please review guidelines for the areas below:


Billing Data Exchange

CCASR Processing

Monthly Meter Usage Data


Please note that electronic data interchange (EDI) format is a requirement for both billing and CCASR data exchange.

Please refer to the CCA handbook for complete data exchange protocol. Our guidelines are UIG compliant and conform to ANSI X12 standards. Visit the UIG Web site to obtain mapping guides for each EDI transaction set.

Guidelines: Monthly Meter Usage Data

We follow the California Transaction Set 867 mapping guide (PDF) in its entirety except where indicated.
For monthly usage data, the separate CMEP and EDI files can be identified by filename. CMEP files will continue to be named "FILENAME.CMEP" EDI formatted files will be named "FILENAME.EDI". If CCAs currently retrieve customer files by logging onto the MDMA server using a browser, they can choose to retrieve the CMEP file, the EDI file, or both. If CCAs are currently using the "Getfilenames" CGI script, they can continue to do so. However, the scripts will continue to retrieve the CMEP formatted filenames only. CCAs can retrieve EDI filenames with this script by changing "Getfilenames" to "GetEDIfilenames."

Historical Meter Data

The historical data will be posted to our MDMA server in compliance with the EDI 867 (v.4010) UIG transaction set. This data will be posted at acceptance, and again at completion, of the CCASR. Files containing historical data will end with a ".hst" suffix.

Please note: We no longer provide historical data according to California Metering Exchange Protocol (CMEP).

EDI Transaction Set 867 Version 4010 Implementation Guide (PDF)

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