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Access Energy Usage Data

You can request access to our customers’ energy usage data through one of the following programs:

Green Button Connect for Third Parties

  • Get secure, automated access to interval usage data with customer consent.
  • The program leverages technology consistent with the standard adopted by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) in support of the Green Button Initiative.

Are you a Demand Response Provider (DRP)?

After you register, you can then create a partnership with another DRP. This allows our customers to share data to both parties with only one authorization.

Need more info? Email your questions to csinfogov@sce.com

Green Button Connect for Third Parties Get Started

Authorization to: Receive Customer Information or Act on a Customer’s Behalf

Submission of this form only provides the Agent with authorization by an SCE customer to request and receive data and/or perform certain functions on their behalf. Once a copy of this fully executed form is on file with SCE, the Agent must provide SCE with a written request (E-mail is acceptable) for information or action to be taken before any information is released or action is taken by SCE. The Agent’s written request must identify specific service account(s) and detail the specific information that you wish SCE release and/or the specific functions you request SCE perform.

CISR Form Instruction (PDF)

CISR Form 14-796 (PDF)

Have questions? Email us at 3rdparty@sce.com or call us using our HOTLINE 1-844-235-2068.

Third Party Data Request Program

Organizations such as local governments, academic research institutions, government agencies, and community service development organizations can submit their request to access energy usage data.

Fact Sheet for Local Governments

Energy Data - Report and Compliance

Have questions? Email us at EnergyDataRequest_EDRP@sce.com.

Third Party Data Request Program Get Started
View an example of commonly requested data elements Close

Qualified Academic Researchers, per Regulatory Decision (D-14-05-016), may submit a request for information specific to a Customer such as Customer Name and Customer Address. These requests must align with the purpose of the research and a signed non-disclosure agreement is required prior to receiving the data. Data Element Descriptions.

All data requests submitted to IOUs will be displayed in a public transaction log on the website. The table below provides third parties examples of data elements that are commonly requested.

Category Category Description Common Data Elements


A person or organization name is listed as customer of record in the back end system.

  • Zip Code
  • Zip Code +4

Billing History

Information related to customer billing such as information that is seen on the bill or used for the production of a bill.

  • Rate Schedule
  • Billing start date
  • Billing end date

Usage Data

Information that is related to the meter device or information registered in the meter.

  • Meter ID
  • Meter Type
  • kWh Usage

Program Participation

Information related to energy saving plans, rate programs, etc. that the customer is participating in.

  • Effective Date
  • Program Name
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