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Third-Party Demand Response Services

Learn More About Third-Party Demand Response Services Learn More About Third-Party Demand Response Services Learn More About Third-Party Demand Response Services

Whom is This Information For?

This information is intended (1) for entities who wish to take part in Third-Party Demand Response Service (Third-Party DR Service) within the Southern California Edison (SCE) service territory, and (2) for SCE bundled customers who wish to participate in Third-Party DR Service within the SCE service territory through a Non-Utility DRP other than SCE.


What is Third-Party DR Service?

Third-Party DR Service is offered by SCE in connection with markets run by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), and allows Non-Utility DRPs or SCE bundled retail customers to participate or “bid-in” directly into the CAISO wholesale energy market for compensation by the CAISO in accordance with the market awards and dispatch instructions established by the CAISO.

Third-Party DR Service is subject to the terms and conditions, including dual participation rules, under SCE’s California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved Rule 24.

  1. Processing Customer Authorizations submitted by SCE customers in order to authorize disclosure of customer data to customer-designated Non-Utility DRPs.
    1. Processing Online Authorizations; or
    2. Processing paper CISR-DRP forms through manual submission
  2. Under Rule 24, customers participating in SCE event-based DR programs and/or certain programs and pilots, are subject to the dual participation rules, and these customers may not be eligible to dual participate in the programs administered by the Non-Utility DRP.
  3. Reprogramming the customer’s meter1, if necessary, to reflect a shorter interval length so that the Non-Utility DRP can include the service account in its wholesale electric market product.

Questions related to Third-Party DR programs or services offered by Non-Utility DRPs should be directed to the specific Non-Utility DRP, not SCE. Visit the California Public Utilities Commission website for the list of registered Non-Utility DRPs.


1Costs for certain meter changes may be borne by the customer.

Getting Started

Requirements and Instructions

Non-Utility DRPs enrolling bundled service customers must satisfy a complete fulfilment of SCE, CPUC, and CAISO regulatory requirements before the Non-Utility DRP can provide Third-Party DR Services in SCE’s service territory.

General Instructions for registering as a Non-Utility DRP

Complete and submit an Establishment Package to SCE, which includes the DRP Participant Information Form, Third-Party DRP Credit Application, and Service Agreement. Please contact Customer Choice Services to request the Establishment Package.

SCE Establishment Package Forms


  • DRP Participant Information Form
  • Third-Party DRP Credit Application
  • Service Agreement

In addition to the forms, SCE also requires a Scheduling Coordinator Letter from the interested Non-Utility DRP to confirm the type of service they will be providing and the service commencement date.

To begin the SCE enrollment process, please contact Customer Choice Services at 1-844-396-7223 or send an email to SCE3rdPartyDRP@sce.com


  1. Provide the executed SCE DRP Service Agreement Form No 14-942.
  2. Satisfy SCE’s credit requirements, described in SCE’s Establishment Package.
  3. Register with the CPUC as a valid Non-Utility DRP.
  4. After registration, send the CPUC Registration ID to SCE3rdPartyDRP@sce.com

For more information regarding CPUC registration requirements, please visit the CPUC website.

All Non-Utility DRPs enrolling SCE Bundled Service Customers must:

  1. Execute the necessary service agreements for registering resources with the CAISO.
  2. Meet all the CAISO’s requirements for the Non-Utility DRP and maintain their registration at the CAISO as a qualified Non-Utility DRP.
  3. After registration, send the CAISO ID to SCE3rdPartyDRP@sce.com

For more information regarding CAISO requirements, please visit the CAISO website.


Access Customer Data


Online Authorization Process

The Online authorization process is a Customer Information Service Request (CISR) that is in place to fulfill customer-authorized disclosures of data to Non-Utility DRPs. It provides the necessary customer information to Non-Utility DRPs in order to facilitate customer participation in CAISO’s markets.

  • Get secure, automated access to interval usage data* with customer consent.
  • Click Here to start the process by registering to use the Online Authorization Process

Note: After you register as a DRP, you can then create a partnership with another registered DRP. This allows our customers to share data to both parties with only one authorization.

Please contact your SCE advisor on how a DRP can revoke access to customer data.

For more information regarding the Online Authorization process, please contact csinfogov@sce.com.


Paper CISR-DRP Data Authorization

CISR-DRP Form 14-941 (This manual form authorizes the potential Non-Utility DRPs access to customer information in order to fulfill their role as a DRP.)

For more information regarding the paper CISR process, please contact 3rdParty@sce.com

Customer Migration

The Demand Response Auction Mechanism (DRAM) Customer Migration Matrix explains the SCE DR program disenrollment process to avoid dual participation in both an SCE and a DRP-DR program

A Non-Utility DRP may elect to discontinue DR programs or services to its customers, and discontinuation requirements are identified in SCE’s Rule 24 tariff in section G.

For Non-Utility DRP support:

Customer Choice Services:
Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (PST)
E-mail: SCE3rdPartyDRP@sce.com
Telephone: 1-844-396-7223
Fax: 1-626-812-7562

Mailing Address:
Southern California Edison
Customer Choice Services
6020 N. Irwindale Ave., Suite I
Irwindale, CA 91702

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