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Supplying Products & Services to SCE

Become an SCE Supplier

To provide our customers with reliable electric service, we purchase a variety of products and services from a diverse group of SCE-approved suppliers. Register your company and become part of our supplier family.

Or learn more about our Supply Chain Management strategies and our Diversity and Development programs.

How to Do Business with SCE*

1. Find out if we buy your products or services
2. If a diverse business enterprise, make sure you have the appropriate certifications (read about how to Get Certified here: Supplier Diversity)
3. Create a profile on the Supplier Registration Portal currently at https://cvmas15.cvmsolutions.com/sce/
4. Market your products or services to your buyer(s) and end users at SCE to create key partnerships
5. Begin the SCE supplier qualification process and provide technical qualifications, if necessary

*Completion of any portion of this checklist does not guarantee any business enterprise the right to bid or receive a contract.

Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management (SCM) group is responsible for procurement, storage, distribution, and final disposition of the goods and services we need to do business.

Supplier Diversity

Our vision is to lead the way in supplier diversity. Our strategies are designed to deliver innovative solutions and increase the effectiveness of our Supplier Diversity program.

Investment Recovery (Material & Equipment Sales)

We offer a variety of items for sale, including used and unused equipment and materials, vehicles, unused surplus, and obsolete inventories.

If you are interested in purchasing surplus equipment or materials, or would simply like additional information, please contact us at the number below.

Contact Information
Phone: 1-714-895-0463 and/or 1-714-895-0643
Fax: 1-714-895-0322
14660 Chestnut St.
Westminster, CA 92683