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On Alerts: Advanced Notification

We know power outages are an inconvenience, and, in the case of some health conditions, a hazard. You have options if you want advance notice of rotating outages so you act quickly and stay safe.

Want to Know? Subscribe to Alerts

If you’d like to receive advance notice of an upcoming rotating outage, there are a number of service providers available. These providers are not affiliated with us in any way, but do use official information to alert you before the power goes out. To subscribe see the California Office of Emergency Services and click on Receive EDIS messages.

Need to Know? Health Conditions

In some cases, losing power is more than a mild inconvenience. During outages, we provide Cooling Stations to offer relief to temperature-sensitive customers. If you or someone in your household has a medical condition that places him or her at an increased health risk in extreme temperatures, you might also be eligible to receive advance notification through us.

Need to Know? Health Conditions Get Started

Are you a business customer with a demand of 300 kW or less?

We offer one more way for business customers with a demand of 300 kW or less to maintain their Rotating Outage contact information. If you're registered for My Account and have an assigned account representative, you can manage your contact information online. If you're unable to register for My Account, or have a demand of more than 300 kW, please call 1-800-990-7788 to provide or update your Rotating Outage contact information.

How to Update Your Business' Rotating Outage Information Online Less

To update your contact information, you must be registered for My Account. If you are, simply log in and select "Update your Contact Info" under the Rotating Outage section within My Account.

To update your accounts, you will need to provide the Customer Account number and SCE assigned access code number associated with the customer name. The SCE assigned access code number is provided to only the primary contact of record for the account. For additional information, contact your account representative or call Customer Support at 1-800-990-7788.

Once verified, you can:

  • Add a new contact to one or more service accounts, by entering contact information one time, and selecting all accounts that apply, without duplicate entry
  • Add existing contacts to other service accounts, just by selecting the contact and selecting the accounts that apply
  • Modify existing contact information
  • Delete a contact for one or more service accounts, just by selecting the contact and selecting the accounts that apply.
  • Add or delete one or more contacts from ALL service accounts quickly and easily

Please note that this service allows you to update only your contact for the Rotating Outage Early Notification Warning to 300 kW and above customers. To update your contact information for other Demand Response and Interruptible Programs (such as I-6, I-6 BIP, OBMC, Sub-Transmission Rotating Outage Notification, Critical Peak Pricing (CPP), Demand Bidding Program (DBP), etc.) or to receive additional information and assistance, please contact your account representative.