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Rotating Outages: What You Need To Know

Rotating outages are designed to respond to emergency conditions as needed, on a rotating basis by group. By going without power in groups for just an hour at a time, you help your community avoid larger and longer lasting outages.

When It’s a Power Emergency

We’re proud of our 99.98% service reliability record over the past 15+ years. We work around the clock to keep power flowing, but when there’s a regional power emergency, sometimes Rotating Outage Groups are affected.

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Who & Where: Your Group & Map

Although forecasting precisely when and where a rotating outage will occur is not always possible, you can locate your rotating outage group and access outage maps to stay in the know. Once you know your group, you can use our tool to locate your rotating outage map, and see if your area is subject to an upcoming outage.

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Notify Me: Stay in the Loop

Want to know when to expect a rotating outage? You may elect to receive advance notice by phone, email, or pager by subscribing to an outside vendor. If you are temperature sensitive due to an ongoing health condition, you might also be eligible to receive advanced notice of a rotating outage so you can make arrangements to stay cool.

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Special Exemptions: Essential Use

While rotating outages are necessary to keep power flowing to your community, keeping power flowing uninterrupted to essential public services is critical. Essential Use customers like hospitals, police stations, and transit systems are exempt from rotating outages with your safety, security, and health in mind.

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