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Information On Rotating Outages and Emergencies

What is a Rotating Outage?

A rotating outage is a controlled electric outage that is called as a last resort when there is a regional power emergency. For an hour at a time, we shut down power by geographical groups on our system to help ease the demand on the electrical grid. Rotating outages help your community avoid larger and longer lasting power outages.

When we implement a rotating outage, you can stay up to date by accessing this page. You can see the groups currently experiencing an outage, and the groups that will be part of the next outage. The best way to find your group number is to look at your bill, or log in to My Account. Once you know your group number, you can download a PDF of your map. This will give you at-a-glance insights into your outage range.

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Essential Use Customers

Critical public services like fire stations and hospitals are considered essential use customers. Essential use customers are exempt from rotating outages.

Do You Qualify?

To qualify for exemption from rotating power outages, you must be a business customer that provides a critical public service. To get an evaluation and apply, call us at 1-800-990-7788.

  • Government agencies essential to the national defense
  • Hospitals and licensed skilled nursing facilities
  • Communication utilities that relate to public health, welfare, and security
  • Navigation, traffic control, and commercial air and sea landing and departure facilities
  • Electric utility facilities and fuel transportation services critical to electric power system operation
  • Radio and TV stations that broadcast emergency messages, instructions, and other public information.
  • Areas served by networks, at utilities' discretion
  • Rail rapid transit systems as necessary to protect public safety
  • Transmission customers who supply more power to the grid than consumed during rotating outages
  • Optional Binding Mandatory Curtailment Program customers
  • Petroleum refineries, vital ancillary facilities, and customers in the critical fuels chain of production
  • Water and sewage utilities may request partial or complete exemption in times of emergency - these utilities support public services, such as firefighting

Some essential facilities with a backup generator may not be exempt from rotating outages. This allows greater support to essential facilities that do not have a generator as a source of backup power. Hospitals and licensed nursing facilities are always exempt from rotating electric outages.

Please Note: We review and update our Essential Use customer list annually. If the status of your facility changes, you will receive a 15-day advance notice from us.

What happens if my power is out and I'm an Essential Use Customer?

On rare occasions, an Essential Use customer may experience a rotating outage. In these unusual cases, business customers please call 1-800-990-7788. We will take all possible measures to quickly restore power.

How can I stay cool during a rotating outage?

Cooling stations are facilities you can visit to stay cool during a rotating outage. These facilities are made available by community businesses and organizations. They are open to the public, but have limited space.

Find Your Local Cooling Station >

If you have a medical condition affected by extreme temperatures, you may be eligible to apply for additional alert status.

Apply for Advance Rotating Outage Alerts >

Even if you don’t qualify, there are still things you can do to reduce stress and avoid health risks from excessive heat during rotating outages and unexpected power outages.

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