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Information On Rotating Outages and Emergencies

What is a Rotating Outage?

A rotating outage is a controlled electric outage that is called as a last resort when there is a regional power emergency. For an hour at a time, we shut down power by geographical groups, known as rotating outage groups or rotating outage group blocks, to help ease the demand on the electrical grid. These rotating outages help your community avoid larger and longer lasting power outages.

Please check our FAQ's for more information about rotating outages.

If you provide public health, safety, or security services, you may qualify for exemption from rotating outages. Learn more >


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Where do I find my Rotating Outage Group Number?

You can find your Rotating Outage Group in a number of ways:

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Rotating Outage Groups will fall into the following categories:

    • A, M, R, S, X - These groups are subject to rotating outages.
    • N001, EXEMPT, No Group ID listed on billing statement - These groups are not subject to rotating outages.

These group numbers are subject to change based on operational needs to protect grid integrity along with public safety. However, these types of changes will not occur during a rotating outage event.

Select any of the rotating outage group numbers below to see:

  • A list of the communities and neighborhoods included in that group.
  • Maps showing the affected areas within those communities.

Note: There are no community listings or maps for outage groups beginning with the letter "S".



Essential Use Customers

 The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) created a priority system in which certain customers who provide Essential public health, safety, and security services should normally be exempt from rotating outages. To get an evaluation and apply, call us at 1-800-990-7788.

On rare occasions, an Essential Use customer may experience a rotating outage. We will take all possible measure to quickly restore power. Please call us at 1-800-990-7788 immediately.

Essential Use Customers Learn More



For more than 15 years we have maintained a 99.98% Service Reliability rating for our customers (Check the CPUC's Electric Service Reliability Annual Reports). Predicting electricity demands and generation availability is at best an approximation. The Cal-ISO's forecasts and system status change quickly, causing our real-time electric grid management plan to change also. We make every effort to keep information posted on this Web site accurate.

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