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All About Outages

Although we work hard to plan for and prevent power losses, occasional outages do occur. The more you know about outages, how we deal with them, and what you can do to stay comfortable and safe, the more empowered you'll be when the electricity is out.

Outages 101

An outage can occur unexpectedly at any time, for a variety of reasons, from weather events to grid overload. Our crews are standing by day and night to respond to repair outages and restore power, while you take simple steps to stay safe and comfortable.

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Maintenance Outages: Grid Upgrades

In order to better serve you, we regularly upgrade our infrastructure with smarter and more reliable equipment and technology. When upgrades or routine maintenance are scheduled in your neighborhood, we’ll let you know if we’ll need to turn the power off, so you'll have the power to plan.

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Getting Back Up & Running

When the power goes out, our crews mobilize to identify the problem and restore your electricity quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely. Find out more about how we find and fix problems, what to expect from our experts in the field, and how you may be able to help.

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