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Why are there Maintenance Outages

We are committed to providing you with reliable, quality power. However, sometimes we must temporarily interrupt electrical power to allow our crews to safely perform upgrades and maintenance. These Maintenance Outages help us ensure the best service for you in the future.

Check the Status of a Scheduled Maintenance Outage

Use the Outage Number on your notification to get the latest information.

If you plan to operate an emergency generator, please notify us in advance so we can protect our employees from electrical hazards. Call 1-888-759-6056.

  Electronic Equipment

Shut off or disconnect all sensitive electronics before the outage to prevent damage or loss of data.

  Security Gates

Review the instructions for your electric gates and learn how to operate them manually.

  Alarm Systems

Please alert your security company of the outage. The outage will affect your alarm systems and may affect private phone systems.

  Emergency Generators

Business customers may wish to rent a portable generator, but please note that we cannot reimburse you for this cost. If you plan to use a generator, please call 1-888-759-6056 so we can safeguard our employees.


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