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Cool Centers & Cooling Stations

Some people may experience high heat-related distress ranging from intense discomfort to a health hazard. For those with medical conditions, including acute sensitivity to extreme temperatures, or those who just want to escape the heat during hot summer months, relief is available at your local Cool Center or Cooling Station.

Cool Centers

During extremely hot weather, you can relax in safe, air-conditioned Cool Centers.

County Extreme Heat Cool Centers are available during periods of extreme heat. Dial 211 on your phone, visit your local county 211 website, or view a listing of Extreme Heat Cool Centers near you.

Cooling Stations: Find Your Location

If you need somewhere to go when the power is off due to a rotating outage, Cooling Stations are available. Community businesses and organizations volunteer their facilities to serve as Cooling Stations during rotating outages.

Find Your Local Cooling Station

If you have a medical condition that's affected by extreme temperatures > If you have a medical condition that's affected by extreme temperatures >

There are steps you can take to minimize personal discomfort and stress to your health when a rotating outage happens during high temperatures. If you have a medical condition, you may be eligible to apply for advance notification of rotating outages. Even if you don’t qualify, you can find some helpful and healthful tips to avoid heat wave health risks.

Beat the Heat: Tips & Programs

In addition to visiting a cool center or cooling station, these tips can help you avoid heat stress and stay safe and comfortable on extremely hot days. We also have incentives, rebates, tips and solutions that are designed for your home and business, so you can save money while you’re saving energy, too.

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