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Power Outage Questions?

Currently experiencing an outage or need information on a maintenance-related outage? Whether you need to report a street light out or find outage resources, you’re in the right place.


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About Current Outages

Get information about current outages. Enter your city, county, or zip code in our map or view a list.

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How to Report an Outage

What type of outage is it?
To Report Downed Wires Call 911

Home or Business Street Light


Search by Outage Number for Status Updates

If you received a notification from us about an outage in your area, enter your Outage Number below. You can find it on your notification.


Want to be Notified?

Receive alerts when there’s a Repair or Maintenance Outage.

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What are Repair and Maintenance Outages? Close

Repair Outages happen when electrical equipment is damaged due to a number of reasons, such as traffic accidents or severe weather.

Maintenance Outages occur when we turn off power so we can safely upgrade electrical equipment to modernize the grid and keep it reliable.

Learn more about Repair and Maintenance Outages >

Rotating Outages

Get information about Rotating Outages, including status updates and more.

Contact Us

  • Report an Outage call 1-800-611-1911
  • Operating a Generator during a Maintenance Outage call 1-888-759-6056, press 2
  • Rotating Outage Group Information call 1-800-611-1911
  • Maintenance Outage Updates call 1-888-759-6056, press 1



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