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Energy Solutions for Your Home

Tips for Your Home: Get Energy-Saving Rebates & Incentives

Kick off a season of energy savings with available rebates and incentives for upgrading to energy-efficient appliances.



Get With the Programs to Manage Your Energy Bill


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Get Cool Bill Credits When It’s Hot

Earn up to $100 annually* in bill credits with Save Power Days. Simply reduce your energy use on certain days during peak hours. We’ll alert you the day before a Save Power Day so you can plan ahead.

Get Cool Bill Credits When It’s Hot Learn More
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Lower Your A/C Use, Increase Bill Credits

Enroll in the Summer Discount Plan and earn up to $200** in bill credits by letting us remotely cycle off your A/C compressor on a temporary basis. You can choose from four options and even get the ability to override.

Lower Your A/C Use, Increase Bill Credits Get Started
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Buy Nice Appliances, Get Nice Rebates

Upgrade or replace your tired appliances for new, more energy-efficient models and enjoy rebates and incentives. We’ll even pick up your old refrigerator for free and give you $50.

Buy Nice Appliances, Get Nice Rebates Learn More

More Ways to Take the Heat Off Your Bill


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Swim Into Efficiency

Use your pool equipment only during early morning or evening hours. Also consider replacing an older, power-hungry single-speed pump with a more efficient model and get a $200 rebate.

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Be Cool About Cooling

Don’t run an air conditioner and an evaporative cooler at the same time. That will make the air conditioner work twice as hard to get rid of the humidity produced by the cooler. Also, consider lowering your A/C energy costs through our Summer Discount Plan.


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Make a Positive Change

You can help make your air conditioner more energy efficient by regularly cleaning or changing the filters. If you’re using an older A/C unit, upgrading or changing it could reduce your energy usage over time and earn you incentives.

Explore the SCE Home Energy Guide for more great tips.

*Savings may vary based on actual usage reductions during Save Power Days, and other factors.

**The estimated savings amounts represent the savings a resident could enjoy with a typical 4.5-ton central air conditioning unit. Savings could increase with larger units and decrease for smaller ones. Maximum credit amounts are subject to certain minimum usage requirements and vary by central air conditioner tonnage. Credits based on enrollment in program from June 1 to October 1. Enrollment after June 1 will result in prorated savings beginning from the first meter read date after your application is processed and your device is installed and activated. SCE may also cycle off your A/C for evaluation or testing purposes. The credit amounts and program options are subject to change by the California Public Utilities Commission. Customers receiving a medical baseline allocation for air conditioning under Schedule MB-E are not eligible to participate in the Summer Discount Plan. Net Energy Metering (NEM) credits received under Schedule NEM may offset in whole or in part the program credits associated with the Summer Discount Plan. Participation in the Critical Peak Pricing rate may also reduce the maximum credit amounts. Such participation is subject to change, pending CPUC decision. This information is meant as an aid to understanding SCE’s Summer Discount Plan. It does not replace the CPUC-approved tariffs. Any inconsistencies between this material and SCE’s tariffs are unintended, and the tariffs prevail. Please refer to SCE’s Tariff Books for a complete list of terms and conditions of service. This program is funded by California utility customers and administered by SCE under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. © 2014 Southern California Edison. All rights reserved.