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Find the industry solutions that help you manage Time-Of-Use (TOU) On-Peak rates and control energy use.


Easy Ways to Lower Your Electricity Costs

Here are some simple ways to manage your energy use, especially during the summer when TOU On-Peak rates are in effect.

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Flip the Switch

  • Turn off unnecessary lighting not in constant use, such as backroom operations, or ornamental and display lighting
  • Take advantage of day lighting options and reduce lighting levels
  • Adjust lighting time clocks or computer-lighting programs to reduce occupancy cycles when possible

*Noon to 6 p.m. from June 1 through September 30

Green icon of outlet and plug

Power Down

  • Shut down lighting and A/C in unused rooms and facilities
  • Charge batteries and battery-operated equipment before or after TOU On-Peak hours*
  • Turn off commercial ice machines during TOU On-Peak hours*
  • Turn off decorative fountains during TOU On-Peak hours*
  • Shift use of non-essential electrical equipment to before or after TOU On-Peak hours*

Green icon of thermostat

Keep Your Cool

  • Pre-cool building/work areas at night or in the morning and cycle A/C and ventilation during TOU On-Peak hours*
  • Lower or close your window treatments to block the solar heat
  • Raise cooling thermostat settings 4°F and use fans
  • Disable A/C start during TOU On-Peak hours*
  • Reduce domestic hot-water temperatures
  • Turn off hot-water boilers early and allow temperatures to coast
  • Duty-cycle less critical A/C equipment not susceptible to cyclic damage



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Save Water for More Savings

  • Replace older, less water-efficient equipment with new ones that minimize water demand
  • Make comprehensive changes to industrial processes to reduce water consumption per unit of output
  • Change industrial process water system to capture, treat, and reuse processed wastewater
  • Install new, water-efficient equipment in commercial kitchens and laundries


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