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My Account Online Makes It Easy

Register for My Account to unlock and sign up for easy, secure, and time-saving services like Online Payment, Auto Pay, Paperless Billing and email notifications. You’ll have 24/7 access to these and other services, as well as to your current energy usage and history.

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Billing & Payment

Your billing and payment just got easier and mobile-friendly. Check out the new My Account today.

Register for My Account in 4 Simple Steps

Registering for My Account only takes a minute or two, but the benefits and services could save you much more time in the long run.

1. Create a User ID

You’ll need to provide a current email address as your user ID. Please be sure your email address is current and correct, and add ibp3@scewebservices.com to your contacts to be sure you receive paperless billing and payment notifications, and other essential communications.

2. Choose a Secure Password

Your password must be 8-128 characters and include both lower- and upper-case letters and at least one number. We’ll also ask you to answer a few security questions to help you reset your password if you forget or misplace it.

3. Enter Your Account Info

Customer Bill with  instructions on where to find account information

Enter the customer account number and billing address zip code.

We’ll link your account information to your login, so you can securely access your billing, payment, usage and more, 24/7.

4. Verify Your Email

Check your inbox for a verification email we will send to you to validate your account’s security. Be sure to click through to activate your account within 24 hours.

Please note: If you are a non-customer (such as a city inspector, contractor, etc.), please register through the Business Partner portal.

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Accessing Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple customer accounts under a single Customer Number, you’ll be able to access all of them in your My Account under a single login and password. You will not be required to enroll each account separately.

Only one user at a time may access any My Account login, whether it’s a single account or multiple accounts under one Customer Number.

Do you want to manage more than one SCE account online using a single login?

For example: You have a bill for your home and a bill for your business, or you have a business that is doing business under multiple names.

We can help you consolidate access to multiple accounts into a single Customer Number. Please contact a Customer Service Representative for assistance.

Easy Paperless Billing & Online Payment

My Account makes it easy to access your statement and billing history, pay your bill, and sign up for the payment option that’s right for you.

Account History

Enjoy online access to up to 36 months of your billing, payment, and usage history. You can compare your current and past usage, which may help you find ways to save energy, identify possible efficiency issues, and know what to expect on your next bill.

Go Paperless

Sign up for paperless billing and get immediate, 24-hour secure access to your most recent bill online. You’ll get an email every month when your statement is ready, and you’ll reduce clutter, as well as your carbon footprint.

Easy Online Payment

Pay your bill online at your convenience, without the hassle of writing checks and paying for postage. Simply log in to My Account anytime to securely pay your bill directly from your bank account.

Auto Pay (Direct Pay)

Set it and forget it by signing up for Auto Pay. This option is a great fit for customers who are frequently out of town, occasionally forgetful, or just want the peace of mind and convenience of knowing your bill will always be paid on time.

Linking to Your Bank Account(s)

For all Online Payment services, you will need to enter your bank's nine-digit ABA routing number and a valid checking account number, and agree to the applicable Terms and Conditions. You may also opt to add multiple bank accounts, and select from the list when you pay your bill. Please note, payments may take one-to-two business days to reflect in your account.

More Tools & Services

My Account also gives you access to simple, secure tools and services to help you better manage energy. Enroll and login to access energy management tools, special programs for business customers, and useful, energy-saving updates and tips when you subscribe to emails. If you have a deposit account, you can view your deposit status anytime.

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Online Tools for Business Customers

Notification of Rotating Outages

If your business has Demand equal to 300 kW or greater, we’ll notify you in the event of a rotating outage. Simply keep your contact information up-to-date using the Rotating Outage Contact Update. You can also look up your rotating outage group number in My Account.

Mobile Home Park Billing

For our mobile home parks responsible for billing their tenants directly, we offer the Tenant Bill Calculation Service: an optional and affordable service. If you choose to subscribe, we’ll calculate your tenants’ individual monthly electricity bills and store them for you on a secure website.

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