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Turn On, Off, or Transfer Service

We're upgrading the Move Center!

To help make your move easier, we're updating the Move Center to a new, mobile-friendly experience on April 26.

If you have placed or are going to place your service request before April 26, you can check your status online.

The Move Center

Moving can be a hassle, but turning the power on or off doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re a home-owner, a renter, small business or large corporation, using our online tool to handle a service change makes moving a little simpler—plus it’s easy to use and secure.


Single Home, Apartment, Condo, etc. When you are on the move we make it easy to transfer or turn your power on or off.





Business Sole Proprietor

Business Account with a single owner. Turn your power on or off or transfer it quickly and efficiently.

TransferBusiness Sole Proprietor

OnBusiness Sole Proprietor

OffBusiness Sole Proprietor

Business Partnership

Business Account, with multiple partners. It's easy to start, stop or transfer service at your place of business.

StartBusiness Partnership

StopBusiness Partnership

TransferBusiness Partnership

Business Corporation

Incorporated Business. Start, stop or transfer your service with a simple request.

StartBusiness Corporation

StopBusiness Corporation

TransferBusiness Corporation

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