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Billing & Payment FAQ

We provide our customers with a variety of convenient ways to manage their bills. Choose from the commonly asked billing and payment questions below for more information.

My Account

How do I log out of My Account?

To log out, in the upper right hand corner of your My Account screen, click Log Out.

Am I able to chat live with a Customer Service Representative? How do I access the Chat feature?

Yes, the Chat feature is available Monday - Friday, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. When a representative is available to assist you, an orange Chat button is visible in the right corner of the grey bar at the top of your My Account screen.

How do I view my alerts?

Yes. When you have Alerts waiting to be viewed, click Show Details to display all your alerts.

Can all of my My Account email notifications be sent to more than one email address?

Yes. You may have up to two email addresses on file - your login email address, and a secondary email address. To modify your My Account email addresses, under Profile, choose Contact Information and then Edit Email Address.

How can I find my account balance?

To find your account balance, log into My Account, or call us at 1-800-950-2356.

Where do I find my Customer Account number?

Your Customer Account number is located in the Account Details section. It is also located in the upper right corner of your bill statement.

How can I find my account status?

If your account is past due, has multiple past-due payments, is pending disconnect, or is already disconnected, your account status will appear on the screen. If your account is in good standing, your account status will not appear.

Where can I find my payment amount due?

The balances due and due dates for each of your accounts appear in the center of the My Account screen in the Overview section.

When is my bill due?

Your bill is due and payable on the date the bill was generated, and is past due if not paid within 19 days.

Where can I find my Service Account number or Rotating Outage Group number?

You can find your Service Account and Rotating Outage Group numbers by clicking, My Account, then Services in the left navigation panel - the numbers appear in the Service Account Information section of the screen.

I have already accepted the Terms and Conditions once. Do I have to do this for each account?

Yes. Each time you sign up an account for Paperless Billing, Online Payment, or Auto Pay, you will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions.

I have multiple accounts, how do I access the multiple account view from the single account view screen?

There are two ways to access the multiple account view: 1) Select Billing and Payment from the left navigation panel; 2) in the "I Want To..." section of the My Account screen, select "View All Accounts".

I am a business customer. How can I locate my Account Manager's contact information?

If you have an assigned Account Manager, the Contact Account Manager button will appear on your Billing and Payment page; otherwise, please call us at 1-800-655-4555.

How can I remove view my Customer Accounts from view?

To modify the view of your Customer Accounts, click the "Manage Your Accounts to Display" link. In the My Account screen, choose "Manage Accounts," then select the Customer Accounts you want to remove or add to view.

Can I make payment arrangements online?

At this time, online payment arrangements are only available to residential customers. For business customers you may contact your assigned Account Manager for assistance. If you don't have an Account Manager, please call us at 1-800-655-4555.

Is there a limit to the number of payment accounts I can have?

You may have as many payment accounts as you wish.

What billing and payment options are available?

We offer a variety of billing and payment options. Paperless Billing and Online Payment allow you to receive your bills and make payments online. Other payment options include:*

  • Pay-by-Mail - mail a check or money order (never cash) in the envelope sent with your statement.
  • Auto Pay (Direct Payment) - a free service that automatically deducts your payment from your checking account every month. To sign up, log into My Account, select Sign Up for Auto Pay in the Billing and Payment Preferences section of the screen.
  • Credit or Debit Card payment - residential customers may use credit cards (and most ATM and debit cards) to pay bills online or by phone. JP Morgan Chase charges a fee for each payment made in their system.
  • QuickCheck - pay your bill over the phone using your checking account information (no enrollment required).
  • Pay By Phone- pay your bill by phone using your checking account information (enrollment is required).
  • Pay In Person - pay your bill at an Authorized Payment Agency (APA). Click here for a location near you.
  • Pay Electronically with EDI - a convenient option for businesses with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability.

*Fees for these payment options vary by type.

Can I sign up my account in both Auto Pay and Online Payment?

At this time, you may select one payment type (Online Payment or Auto Pay).

What if I can't make a payment on time?

Eligible residential customers who need help paying their bills can make arrangements with us before their payments are due. To make a payment arrangement, log into My Account and click the Request Payment Arrangement link in the I Want To section. Additional helpful options for Residential customers are available here.

How can I request a duplicate copy of my bill?

"If you are currently registered in My Account and signed up for Paperless Billing, there are two ways to request a duplicate copy of your bill: 1) Log in and click the View Bill button, then click the Print icon; 2) Navigate to the Billing and Payment History section, find your billing statement, and select View Bill to print the bill.

If you are not signed up for Paperless Billing (or if the bill you need is from before you signed up for Paperless Billing) you may request a duplicate bill using our online request form.

Note: If you register for My Account and sign up for Paperless Billing today, you may view and print your bill after your next statement is generated.

It looks like my bill is incorrect. What should I do?

If your bill seems higher than normal, you may want to check your energy usage. Understanding your bill and finding ways to save for your home or your business may help lower your bill. If you still think your bill is incorrect, call us at 1-800-655-4555. On the back of your printed bill, we also provide information on how to dispute charges.

Can I pay an overdue bill online?

Yes - however, your payment might not reach us in time to prevent additional collection action. Please call us at 1-800-655-4555 to discuss your options with a Customer Service Representative.

I have a question about my payment. Whom should I contact?

You may send us an email, or call us at 1-800-409-2365.

Paperless Billing

What are the benefits?

Once you’ve signed up for our free Paperless Billing service:

  • Receive a bill ready notice with the amount due, due date, and link to view the bill
  • View monthly statements
  • Find ways to reduce monthly energy consumption to save money

How can I sign up?

Sign in to My Account, select My Bills & Payments, then Billing & Payment Options.

Can I sign up when I turn service on?

If you’re eligible, you’ll see the option to sign up when completing your request online. My Account set up is included if you’re not already registered.

I was not able to sign up and I'm not sure why?

Any of the following may prohibit you from signing up:

  • Already receiving a paperless bill (from SCE or a third party)
  • Have a Departing Load or Wireless Technology Rate (WTR) plan
  • Have no active service

If you have additional questions about eligibility, please Email us or call us at 1-800-409-2365.

When will I be able to view my first online bill?

After successfully signing up, you’ll receive your next bill online. However, you might receive one last bill through the mail.

You will not continue to receive your paper bill in addition to your paperless bill.

How will I be notified when my bill is available to view?

You’ll receive a bill ready notice at the email address you provided when you signed up in My Account. It includes the total amount due, the due date, and a link to view your bill.

When will my bill be ready?

Your paperless bill is created at the same time your paper bill normally would have been printed. You’ll receive an email notification when your bill is ready for viewing.

Will my paperless bill have the same information as my paper bill?


Do I have to pay my bill online once I am signed up for Paperless Billing?

No, you can pay your bill using any of our convenient payment options.

Can I see past billing statements?

If you've been signed up with Paperless Billing for over a year, you can see up to 12 months of historical bills in My Account.

If you're new to Paperless Billing, you can view your past bills in My Account beginning with the statement from the first billing cycle after you signed up. As each billing cycle passes, you'll have online access to those statements – up to 12 months’ worth of previous bills.

Why did my online payment activate paperless billing?

To improve the customer experience, we are providing secure access to your bill 24/7 through My Account. Paperless Billing benefits include:

  • Receiving a bill ready notice with the amount due, due date and link to view the bill
  • Viewing monthly statements
  • Finding ways to reduce monthly energy consumption to save money

What if I want a paper bill?

  • You can still obtain a paper bill by printing your electronic PDF bill at home.  Paperless bills are available for easy access 24/7.
  • We encourage you to give Paperless Billing a try.  It’s convenient and secure. 
    • Secure access through SCE.com My Account.
    • Your bill and payment details are always protected.
    • You’ll receive an email notice with the amount due, the due date, and a link to view your bill each month.
    • You can even sign up for optional payment reminder alerts.
  • If still want to receive paper bills directly from SCE, you can call us at 1-800-250-7330.

Why can't I see my bill after clicking View Bill under balance due?

You will need to allow pop-ups in order for your paperless bill to show. After allowing pop-ups in your settings, you will be able to view your paperless bill.

Online Payment

Who is eligible for Online Payment?

Most accounts are eligible for Online Payment, except:

  • Closed accounts.
  • Accounts not in good credit standing (Cash Only accounts), which may become eligible for Online Payment if there are no additional returned payments on the customer account for six months.
  • Accounts receiving bills through other online billing and payment sites.
  • Accounts signed up for Auto Pay.
  • Accounts billed by Electric Service Providers (ESPs) other than SCE.

How do I sign up for Online Payment?

In My Account, select Sign Up for Online Payment in the Billing and Payments Preferences section.

Once signed up, when can I begin making payments online?

You may use Online Payment immediately after your sign up is completed.

If I'm not signed up for Online Payment, how else can I make a payment?

In the Billing and Payment Preferences section of My Account, select More Ways to Pay, located below the Pay Now button. This will show you a list of all the ways you may pay your bill.

Can I sign up multiple accounts in Online Payment at the same time?

You must sign up each account separately.

Can I pay multiple accounts at once?

Yes. Use the checkbox next to the accounts you would like to pay, or choose Select All, then click the Pay Bills button. Accounts signed up and eligible for Online Payment will appear on the next page.

When is my bill due?

Your bill is due and payable on the date the bill was generated, and is past due if not paid within 19 days.

When can I make a payment using Online Payment?

You may initiate a payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (one payment per Customer Account per day).

Can I decide when I want to pay my bill?

Yes. You can pay your bill either on the first available date, on the due date, or select another payment date from the calendar.

What type of bank account can I use with Online Payment?

You may use a checking account from any financial institution that accepts electronic debits.

How do I modify my payment after its submitted?

If your account is eligible and the payment has not already been processed, you may click the View/Edit button to modify the payment amount and payment date.

Can I pay an overdue bill online?

Yes, you can pay an overdue bill online. However, An online payment may not reach us in time to prevent additional collection action. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-655-4555 to discuss your options.

Auto Pay (Direct Payment)

How does Auto Pay work?

Each month, ten days after your bill is generated, Auto Pay automatically deducts your total amount due from your bank account.

Who is eligible for Auto Pay?

Most accounts are eligible for Auto Pay, except:

  • Closed accounts.
  • Deposit accounts.
  • Accounts not in good credit standing (Cash Only accounts), which may become eligible for Auto Pay if there are no additional returned payments on the account for six months.
  • Accounts signed up for Online Payment.
  • Accounts being billed by an Electric Service Provider (ESP) other than SCE.

How do I sign up for Auto Pay?

Log in to My Account and click Sign up for Auto Pay in the Billing and Payment Preferences section.

What type of bank accounts can I use with Auto Pay?

You may use a checking account from any financial institution that accepts electronic debits.

Can I use my credit card for Auto Pay?

At this time, credit cards are not accepted for Auto Pay.

Will my balance due be paid when I sign up for Auto Pay?

If you have an outstanding balance when you sign up and you select Pay Off Your Balance, your payment will be submitted. If not, the balance will not be paid. You may make arrangements to pay the balance using Guest Payment, or by credit or debit Card.

How do I update my payment account information for Auto Pay?

To edit the payment account for Auto Pay, click on Billing & Payment Preferences, then select Manage Auto Pay Settings; from there you can update or add a new payment method.

I am currently on Auto Pay. How can I stop a payment?

With Auto Pay, you may stop a payment up to two business days before your auto pay is scheduled by calling 1-800-655-4555.

Credit and Debit Card

Which Credit Card and Debit Cards does SCE accept?

Visa, Mastercard. Sorry we don't accept American Express.

Why do I need to pay a convenience fee?

The convenience fee is charged by Chase and Edison does not receive or benefit from the fee. The fee cannot be waived.

Why do I go to another website to make a payment by Credit Card? Is it secure?

We've partnered with Chase to provide a secure credit card payment option for our customers.

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