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Protecting Yourself From Common Scams

Email Scams

If you think you received a suspicious email requesting information about your account or from an unknown utility, please take the following precautions:

  • DO NOT reply to the request
  • DO NOT click on any links in the email
  • DO NOT open any attachments
  • DO NOT provide any personal information

Call us at 1-800-655-4555 to report the incident and for any questions or concerns about the scam.

Reminders About Our Practices
  • Our employees never demand immediate payment, or ask you to wire money via Western Union or through a pre-paid credit card to prevent your electricity from being shut off. We will never require you to use a specific or single form of payment.
  • Our employees never demand that you wire money via Western Union or through a pre-paid credit card to prevent your electricity from being shut off.
  • Our employees never ask you for money, your credit card, or the use of your telephone.
  • We only accept checks made out to “Southern California Edison” or “SCE.” For added security, you can sign up for online payment.
  • We accept payment at our authorized payment agents. Before paying your bill at a store or business, you can verify that it’s authorized by calling us at 1-800-655-4555.
  • Our employees do not engage in door-to-door sales. Never allow anyone into your home claiming to sell SCE or Edison products or services. If you believe a visitor is impersonating a utility worker, call 911.
  • Our employees do not deliver cash refunds or rebates to customer's homes.
  • We send notices about neighborhood tree-trimming work before we send crews to your area, and we never charge customers for line-clearance work. So don’t pay for tree-trimming work performed by anyone claiming to be an SCE contractor.
General Tips & Reminders
  • Never reveal your credit card, automated teller machine card, telephone calling card or personal identification numbers to anyone, especially over the telephone.
  • Be vigilant in verifying the identity and affiliation of the person contacting you, even if your caller ID indicates the phone call is from us. You can verify by calling us at 1-800-655-4555.
  • Be suspicious if someone shows up, without an appointment, asking to check your appliances, your home’s wiring or any sort of electrical problem they claim may be inside your home.
  • Never let anyone into your home before verifying who they are, seeing their identification, and knowing the purpose for the visit.
  • In the case of any incident that appears to be a scam by criminals posing as utility employees, report it to local police, as well as the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC-HELP, and contact us immediately at 1-800-655-4555.

How to Identify Our Field Employees

Occasionally, our employees may come to your door regarding meter reading or other services. Most, but not all, SCE employees who may visit your home will be wearing uniforms.

For your own safety, you should always ask to see his or her SCE employee identification card. Here's what you should look for on the card.

  • Front - our company name and logo, a full-color photo of the employee, and the employee's name
  • Back - an address to mail the card to if it is lost


Do field employees ever visit unexpectedly?

  • most visits by utility workers are regularly scheduled or customer-requested.
  • We notify customers several times in writing before sending an employee to disconnect electrical service
  • Vendors hired by SCE may visit our customers, but only if the customer has responded to a request from the vendor

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