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Understanding Your Bill

Your monthly statement contains information to help you understand your energy use, learn more about special programs, and save money.

The Tiered Rate Plan (Schedule D) rewards you for using less energy so you can save more on your bill. Each month, every household has a set amount of kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity to use in each tier. Electricity is available at the lowest cost in Tier 1. As you use more electricity, the price of energy increases as you move into each tier. With the highest tier being the most expensive.


Tier Price Structure Sample*
Tier Tier 1 Tier 2 High Usage
Cents per kWh 16¢ 25¢ 31¢

California Climate Credit

Part of California's efforts to fight climate change, the credit results from fees charged by the state to reduce carbon pollution and increase use of cleaner forms of energy. These fees are returned to customers as savings on their electric bill. Households will receive the credit twice a year, and eligible small businesses will receive it monthly. Learn how you can use these savings to further reduce your energy costs and help fight climate change at EnergyUpgradeCA.org/credit.


Energy Theft

Energy theft is a crime for which everyone pays. If someone tampers with their service connections or meters to avoid paying their fair share, it drives up energy costs for all. Worse, tampering with electric meters and wiring can result in fire, serious injury or death. You can help us prevent this crime. If you suspect someone of tampering with his or her service, you can anonymously call our toll-free Energy Theft Hotline at 1-800-227-3901. Select the “Energy Theft Hotline” category on our Contact Us page. We'll do the rest.

Please try to have the following information when you call:

  • A resident, owner or business name
  • The address where this was observed, including an apartment number
  • Names of occupants at that address (if known)
  • Date(s) and times(s) of day observed
  • If not observed, how you found out about the infraction
  • License plate numbers of vehicles at the location (if known)
  • We’ll ask you to describe the infraction you saw, using one of the items below:
    • Saw meter inverted (upside-down)
    • Saw hole in the glass of the meter cover
    • Saw magnets around the meter
    • Saw jumper wires or cables in or around the meter
  • The length of time this has been going on - number of days, months or even years
  • Your name, address, and phone number, which will remain confidential and only be used if we need further information

Our hotline is open at all times and you are not required to identify yourself when you call. We'll respond quickly and investigate any possible theft thoroughly. We strongly recommend that you do not confront any suspected energy thieves yourself, which could put you at unnecessary risk and hamper our investigation.


Could someone else be stealing your electricity?

If you are experiencing out-of-the-ordinary electrical usage, see our Energy Use page for possible causes. Energy theft, although rare, is a possibility.You can take the following steps to determine if electricity is being stolen, but you will need to turn off the electricity to your house: Make sure you can do this without harming people or equipment.

  1. Turn off all sensitive appliances and electrical equipment.
  2. Find your breaker box and turn off all the breakers.
  3. Look around to see if somebody else's electricity (i.e., visible lighting or equipment) goes off when you turn off your breakers.
  4. Examine your electrical meter. With your breakers off, your kilowatt hour display (the screen with “001” in the upper left-hand corner) should stop increasing.
  5. If the display is still increasing, or if you notice that somebody else's electricity has gone out when you've turned off your own breakers, you should call your local police department to report the possible theft.

If you think that somebody is stealing electricity from you, notify local police. Do not attempt to confront individuals in person.


Understanding Your Net Energy Metering (NEM) Bill

Questions about your bill? This helpful guide offers a detailed explanation of each section, including your account summary, electricity used, and more.

Learn More >

*Tier cost are for demonstration only, not to be used for calculations
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