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Mobile Home Park Utility Upgrade Program

Mobile Home Park Utility Upgrade Program

The Mobile Home Park Utility Upgrade Program is a voluntary, three-year pilot program approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that allows mobile home park (MHP) and manufactured housing communities the opportunity to replace privately owned, master-metered/sub-metered electric and gas distribution systems with direct service for MHP residents. The pilot program began in 2015 and will continue through 2017. Once the conversion takes place, residents of the mobile home park will become direct customers.

What are the benefits for MHP owners?

For participating MHP owners, the benefits of converting to direct utility service for electricity and natural gas utility service include:

  • Enhanced safety and reliability: MHP owners will receive new, professionally installed utility systems that will enhance safety and reliability.
  • Peace of mind: MHP owners will no longer have to maintain or be liable for privately-owned, submetered utility systems.
  • Convenience: MHP owners will no longer have to read submetered utility meters, bill residents or respond to utility service and program questions. These services will be provided by the utilities.
  • Improved resident relationships: Resident service complaints will no longer be directed to MHP owners/managers.
  • Minimal Cost: The MHP Utility Upgrade Program covers costs for installing new utility service up to individual resident meters, as well as to each Mobilehome (beyond the meter).

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) will select MHPs based on risk assessment and other established prioritization factors. The CPUC has the authority and responsibility for prioritizing conversions. MHP owners whose parks are not selected should contact the CPUC directly for more information at 1-800-755-1447 or by email at or visit their website.

Who is responsible for costs involved with the program?

This program covers costs for installing new direct utility service for individual resident meters and individual mobilehomes (beyond the meters).

  • We will be responsible for performing and paying for construction work from the master-meter to the individual resident meters.
  • We will also cover the majority of costs to replace current master-metered/submetered systems to individual resident mobilehomes.
  • MHP owners are responsible for selecting contractors to perform work from resident meters to mobilehomes. The costs for this construction will be reimbursed, but could require upfront funding by MHP owners.
  • MHP owners are also responsible for all environmental issues and remedies, ensuring cooperation from residents, all repairs on existing sub-metered systems until conversion occurs, and any other responsibilities included in the executed standard program agreement between the MHP owner and SCE.
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