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Business owners across Southern California are finding that little ideas can have a big impact when it comes to conserving energy. Discover insights on building equipment efficiency and custom energy-reducing recommendations for your business when you schedule your free personalized energy consultation now.

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Tips to Help Take the Heat Off Energy Bills

As the owner or manager of your business, you know that electricity can account for a large percentage of your operating expenses. Knowing where you use electricity is critical for your business’s bottom line and allows you to sharpen your competitive edge. Below, you’ll find a useful list of things you can do to help your business reduce its energy usage, especially during the Time-Of-Use (TOU) on-peak period from noon to 6 p.m. weekdays, when demand is at its highest.

  • Replace any T12 and T8 fluorescent lamps and magnetic ballasts with more energy-efficient T5 High Output, lower wattage fluorescent lamps
  • Swap out warehouse and other high-bay lighting for High Intensity Discharge (HID) or Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps
  • Install occupancy sensors in general usage areas to automatically turn off lights when the area is not in use
  • Replace incandescent or halogen lamps with cooler LED lamps
  • Limit outdoor lighting system usage to the hours between dusk and dawn by installing photocells or time clocks
  • Switch fluorescent fixtures in refrigerated display cases with LED, fiber optic, or cold cathode lighting
  • Replace fluorescent fixtures in menu boards or backlit signage with LED lamps
  • Install strip curtains, wing doors, and/or auto door closers on walk-ins
  • Make sure your bare suction lines are insulated
  • Affix night covers to open display cases when closing for the day
Motor Loads
  • Practice preventative maintenance on all of your motor systems
  • Install variable-frequency drives (VDFs) to control motor speeds
  • Upgrade to high-efficiency motors
  • Install automatic shut-off devices to reduce usage during peak demand times
Temperature Control
  • Install timers or program thermostats to power down after closing for the day
  • Perform routine maintenance on heating and A/C filters, belts, coils, and bearings
  • Pre-cool work areas and consider raising your thermostat by a degree or two during peak hours of noon to 6 p.m. weekdays to help reduce your energy usage while still keeping workers cool
  • Increase insulation in walls and ceilings wherever possible
  • Inspect weather stripping for deterioration or gaps around all doors and windows
  • Consider installing window film or efficient windows to keep out summer heat
  • Add interior or exterior blinds to block heat in the summer and provide more daylight in the winter
  • Take advantage of SCE Free Pump Testing to identify inefficient pumps, and replace or overhaul any that are operating inefficiently
  • Make sure your bare suction lines are insulated
  • Upgrade to high-efficiency pumps
  • Perform routine checks to ensure water lines are leak-free, minimizing unnecessary operation time for pumps
  • Instead of valving down, try installing variable-frequency drives on pumps to control flow and optimize pressure
Office Equipment/Computers
  • Install plug load occupancy sensors to turn off equipment when the workplace is unoccupied
  • Upgrade to high-efficiency copiers
  • Install PC network software to automatically control the power settings on all networked computers
Water Heaters
  • Heat your water to between 100 and 110 degrees unless health, safety, or legal requirements call for higher temperatures
  • Install an insulation blanket on your water heater to reduce heat loss
Cooking Equipment
  • Consider investing in exhaust hood controls to experience significant energy savings during downtime

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