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California Solar Initiative - Business

Going solar can be rewarding. Installing an eligible solar generating system at your business can help you save on your electric bill and reduce your carbon footprint. First, determine what type of solar system best meets your needs; then, take advantage of California Solar Initiative rebates and bask in the savings.

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Photovoltaic Incentives

Want to run your business on sunlight? You may qualify for incentives through the California Solar Initiative—including rebates on equipment and installation. You’ll also be eligible for Net Energy Metering, which gives you credit for the electricity generated by your solar system. It’s easier than you think to get started, and once your system is installed, you’ll receive a rebate and bill credits based on your new system’s energy generation.

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How Incentives Work

In most cases, rebates for installing qualified solar photovoltaic systems depend on the actual performance of your new equipment. The program is being administered in “steps” according to the total incentive allotment. This means incentives decrease over time, so apply early to maximize your savings. Once your application is submitted and approved, we’ll reserve your rebates, which you’ll receive after your installation is complete and all appropriate forms and documents submitted.

View the current program “Steps” and incentives.

Is the Equipment Eligible?

If you are an SCE business customer with space on your roof or lot that gets unobstructed sun exposure from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. year round, you may be a good candidate for a solar generating system. To qualify, you must follow the CSI application process—in most cases your qualified contractor will file the reservation and applications on your behalf.

The amount of incentives you qualify for will depend upon the actual performance of your new equipment—how much electricity it generates—and during which “step” of the California Solar Initiative you reserve your incentive. Incentives decline over time, so apply early to be eligible for maximum incentives.

How to Apply

If you’re an SCE business customer and want to implement solar technologies and receive incentives, follow this 3-step process:

Reservation Request


Proof of Project Milestone Claim

  • Completed Proof of Project Milestone Checklist (Word)
  • Copy of executed contract for system purchase and installation
  • Copy of executed alternative System Ownership agreement (if System Owner is different than Host Customer)
  • Revised System Sizing Calculations (If applicable)
  • Copy of RFP or solicitation (Government, Non-profit, and Public Entities only)

Incentive Form Package

  • Complete Incentive Claim Form with Original Signatures - Please submit this application using Power Clerk.
  • Copy of Executed PMRS Contract or PMRS Cost Cap Exemption Documentation
  • Revised System Sizing Calculations (if applicable)
    *NEW* Signed Field Verification Certification Form (Excel)
    Copy of Retro-commissioning Report (EPBB Existing Commercial buildings > 100,000 sq. ft. and Benchmarking < 75)
  • Copy of PDP Contract (PBI only)


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