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Demand Response Programs

When your eligible business participates in a Demand Response Program, you don’t just save money, you make a difference. By reducing your energy consumption during hours of peak demand, you relieve stress on the grid, the environment, and your bottom line. For additional opportunities to reduce energy costs, you may enroll in more than one demand response program at a time. For details, see the Demand Response Dual Enrollment Options (PDF) chart.

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Summer of Savings

Energy demand hits its peak during the warmest months. Through the Summer Advantage Incentive, also known as Critical Peak Pricing (CPP), get rewarded for voluntarily reducing electricity consumption or for shifting usage to off-peak hours during event days. Or, save with our Commercial Summer Discount Plan which automatically cycles your air conditioner on and off during periods of peak demand.

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Bid on Savings

Want more control over when and how much you reduce your demand? Sign up for our Demand Bidding Program. You’ll have the flexibility to place or change bids regularly for how much energy you can reduce when a demand response event is called so you can plan ahead and save.

Agricultural and Pumping Interruptible Program

Willing to let us temporarily suspend electricity to your pumping equipment during periods of critical demand? We’ll reward you for helping ease stress on the grid with bill credits to benefit your bottom line.

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How It Works

If you participate in this program, a control device will be installed either near your meter or your pumping equipment to control the total load served. When the grid is experiencing critical demand, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) notifies us that energy use needs to be reduced. We’ll then transmit a signal to the device that will automatically turn off electricity until critical demand—or the occasional test—has ended. You may need to manually reset your circuit breaker or pump controller to restart.

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To get started, contact your SCE Account Representative or call the Agricultural and Pumping Interruptible Help desk at (866) 334-7827.

For the complete terms and conditions for the Agricultural and Pumping Interruptible Program, see our Tariff sheet

Automated Demand Response

Your business can enjoy savings and flexibility through the Automated Demand Response (Auto-DR) program. By installing technologies that automatically reduce energy usage during demand response events, you will not only qualify for technology incentives, you may also start seeing bill savings.  

To learn more and find out how you can apply to participate in the Auto-DR program, please visit our Automated Demand Response page.

Time-of-Use Base Interruptible Program

If your business has some operational flexibility, enrolling in the Time-of-Use Base Interruptible Program (Schedule TOU-BIP) could earn you valuable bill credits for reducing your energy use during a system reliability event.

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How It Works

You choose how much energy you need to stay up and running, and we’ll provide advance notice according to your preference. You will need to supply and monitor a dedicated telephone line to enable us to notify you when an event occurs and a service interruption is coming.

Events are limited to 1 per day, 10 per calendar month, up to 6 hours each for a maximum of 180 hours a calendar year. Depending on your level of energy reduction, we’ll reward you with bill credits. However, once you commit to this program you are also subject to excess energy charges for failing to reduce energy during events.

Download the BIP Reference Sheet to boost your participation in BIP events.

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To get started, contact your SCE Account Representative, or call the Demand Response Help desk at (866) 334-7827.

For more information on TOU-BIP program, view our Tariff Sheet and Program Guidelines.

Demand Bidding Program

Our Demand Bidding Program (DBP) is a year-round, penalty-free, bid based program that offers business customers of all sizes bill credits for voluntarily reducing energy usage when a Demand Bidding event is called.

DBP events can be Monday through Friday between the hours of noon and 8:00 p.m. any time of the year, excluding holidays.

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How It Works

We will notify you around noon the day before a DBP event and you will have the opportunity to bid (from noon to 4:00 p.m.) for the amount of demand you are willing to reduce the following business day. You are only required to bid 1 kW per hour and reduce energy use/demand for at least two hours within that window. You will receive bill credits for reductions ranging from 50% to 200% of your hourly bids.

View our FAQs for customers

Demand  Bidding Program-On-line Bidding User Guide

Success Stories

VIDEO: See how Mission Foods saved

The Irvine Company
Mission Foods
Classic Distribution 
Bumble Bee Seafoods

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In order to enroll and participate in the Demand Bidding Program, SCE must receive your executed Demand Bidding Program Agreement. If you want to group up to 25 accounts to facilitate bidding, complete the Aggregated Group Account Declaration form and select a lead account.

Aggregator Managed Portfolio (AMP) Program

Through our Aggregator Managed Portfolio (AMP) program, we work with selected demand response service providers (aggregators) to help you reduce energy and costs.

Each of these AMP service providers designs its own programs, and offers demand response program structures and options that may not be directly available through SCE. Customers may select an aggregator with services that best meet their business needs.

Program Options

Each aggregator offers its own program options, including event lengths, notification times, daily and monthly dispatch limits, and hours of program availability.

Required Reductions

Each aggregator has a contractual level of reduction that it must provide, and they can achieve it by managing its portfolio of customers.

Incentives and Penalties

Capacity and energy payments and penalties vary with each aggregator. Aggregators pay incentives to/levy penalties on their customers based on contractual agreements between customer and aggregator; SCE is not party to these agreements. SCE pays energy payments to and levies energy shortfall penalties on aggregators based only on the performance of their customers receiving Bundled Service, and not for those receiving energy from a Direct Access Energy Service Provider (ESP) or a Community Choice Aggregator. Capacity payments/penalties are based on the performance of all customers.

Current Aggregators


901 Campisi Way, Ste. 260
Campbell, CA 95008

Please use the following forms to add or remove customers from the AMP programs.

Notice to Add Customer Accounts to Aggregator-Managed Programs (Aggregator Add Form)
Notice to Remove Accounts from Aggregator-Managed Programs (Aggregator Remove Form)

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