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Understanding Rates For Your Business

When you're running a business, every dollar counts. As a customer, you have the right to know exactly what's going on with your utility and rates, especially when rates are going up. We are keeping rate increases as reasonable as possible, and we're not asking you to do anything we're not willing to do ourselves. In fact, to reduce our own operational and maintenance expenses, we're implementing company-wide efficiency programs.

How You Spend Your Energy Is Important

Faced with an ever-changing economy, businesses of all sizes and types are finding creative ways to improve energy efficiency and lower costs. SCE can help, with an array of tools designed to fit your specific needs: from case studies, showing how other businesses are saving energy, to valuable tips on making your workplace more energy-efficient, to alternative payment plans for more flexibility, we’re there for you.

3 Steps to Efficiency & Savings for your business


Cómo se establecen las tarifas

Las tarifas se establecen a través de un proceso transparente ante la Comisión de Servicios Públicos de California, el organismo que regula a SCE y otras empresas de servicios públicos propiedad de inversionistas en el estado. Este proceso incorpora la opinión y la participación del público, y es usado por todas las empresas de servicios públicos que son propiedad de inversionistas.

Más información

Cargos por pago atrasado

Una factura vence 19 días calendario después de su preparación, momento a partir del cual aplican cargos por pago atrasado. Para evitar estos cargos, paga tus facturas siempre a tiempo.

Información detallada sobre tarifas

Cada tarifa está compuesta por el factor Utility Retained Generation o URG (Generación retenida por la empresa de servicios públicos). La información completa y detallada de los precios también está disponible en el Libro de tarifas de Southern California Edison SCE.

Important Definitions

Some  rate schedules have "demand charges," which enable us to meet customers’ peak power demands. These are in addition to energy charges, but the energy charges are lower than those on rate schedules without demand charges. Demand charges are:

1. Facilities-Related Demand Charges, applied all year round. 
2. Time-Related Demand Charges, applied only during summer months.

For some customers, rates with demand charges may offer some customers opportunities to reduce their electricity bills. If you would like more information about the rates listed below, including how to qualify, please call us at 1-800-990-7788 (the name of your current rate schedule is indicated on the top of your bill).

Where Your Money Goes

You’ll see our crews in your community making upgrades to the grid, such as replacing poles to strengthen our lines and make them more reliable. They’re also repairing lines, transformers, and substations, and working around the clock during emergencies.

Here's a breakdown of how each dollar we receive from customers is spent:


Image of a dollar bill
  •   44¢ Generation Cost of energy sources, including solar, wind and natural gas, and generation SCE owns, including hydro and natural gas plants.
  •   30¢ Distribution Grid maintenance and new equipment, including poles and wires, and substations.
  •   8¢ Transmission Investment in operations & maintenance for high-voltage transmission lines.
  •   4¢ Paying off long term contracts from the energy crisis.
  •   14¢ Programs including those for energy efficiency and to protect low income customers.

This breakdown shows our costs to serve business customers and implement state policies. It is based on calculations for January 2017.

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