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Manage Your Energy With My Account

Going paperless means less clutter, more convenience, and more ways to efficiently manage your energy use.
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My Account: The Bottom Line On Energy Savings

A smooth running business depends on all components working together. When it comes to your energy use, My Account is a component you can count on. From usage history, to projected bill, to daily demand reports, My Account lets you manage your energy use with the push of a button.

Budget Assistant

At Your Service

Everything about Budget Assistant is designed to make your life easier. An automated tool for monitoring your business’ electricity costs, Budget Assistant helps you set monthly spending goals, track your progress through automated alerts, and stay on budget. Budget Assistant will even provide your business’ summer and winter monthly bill averages, so you can set targets you can actually reach.

When & How: Alerts As You Like

You decide when you’d like to be notified—weekly or only when your projected energy usage is expected to exceed your monthly goal—and how you’d like to receive alerts. You can be notified by email, text* message, or even voicemail. Whatever works best for you and your business.

If you haven’t already, get started by enrolling your business in My Account on SCE.com. Then visit the Savings Center tab, choose Programs and click on Budget Assistant to start setting goals, scheduling alerts – and begin saving!

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Usage Reports

With Edison SmartConnect®, easy-to-read online usage reports give you timely, valuable insight on how much energy your business uses and when your business uses it. You can even see reports from the previous day, to help you adjust energy usage before your next bill arrives. 

Well Timed: Detailed Intervals

A breakdown of your previous day’s electricity usage — in as little as 15-minute intervals — is shown on the first tab of Usage Reports, so you can view your energy use levels on a given day. If you want your usage average, or the outside high temperature for a particular interval, that’s readily available as well.

Day by Day: Recent Usage

For a day to day account of your energy usage, go to “Recent” tab to see a breakdown of your usage from the beginning of your bill cycle through the previous day. You’ll also find your bill-to-date costs, your projected bill total, and whether you’re headed over or under your Budget Assistant spending goal.

Monthly Trends: Compare Your Usage

Everyone likes to keep up with trends! To see how your energy use is trending from one month to the next, or even year-to-year, click on the “Monthly Trends” tab. To view a month in detail, visit the “Billed Months” tab and see a daily breakdown of your electricity use during any billing cycle in the last 12 months (starting when the smart meter was enabled). You can also compare the current month to the same timeframe in the last two years.

Temperature Control

Our inside energy use is often tied to the outside temperature. With usage reports, you can rollover a given month or day to see that day’s high temperature, and better manage your energy use accordingly.

Billing and Payment

Simple and Easy

Paperless Billing & Payment of your electric bill is simple, secure, and available free to eligible customers enrolled in My Account.  No more paper bills and payment. Now you can receive and pay bills at the push of a button.

Benefits to enrolling in Online Payment:

  • Free yourself from writing checks, finding stamps and mailing payments
  • Payments can be made anytime, day or night
  • You choose the day that the funds are debited from your checking account

Benefits to enrolling in Paperless Billing:

  • View your SCE bill from anywhere with internet access, day or night
  • Print a hardcopy of your bill, if desired
  • Monthly email notification when your online statement is ready
  • Access to the previous 36 months of billing, payment, and usage history

Register With My Account for Easy Ways To Pay

With Paperless Billing you can pay your bill quickly and easily with an electronic check from your checking account.

Go automatic with Direct Payment and have your bill paid each month through your bank account. You’ll never have to worry about a late payment again!

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