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Home and Business Area Networks

Access daily cost and billing info with your Home Area Network device.

You Can Make Smart Choices About Your Energy Use!

Your Home and Business Area Networks enables you to:

  • Access daily cost and billing info.
  • View near real-time energy usage data.
  • Access new programs and services that help you understand how you use energy.

You'll be empowered to:

  • Conserve energy and help the environment.
  • Play an active role and have a choice in how you use energy.
  • Decide how and when you want and need to save energy.

Your HAN device will need to remain within 75 feet of the utility meter to maintain good communications.

Have questions about devices and programs? Visit our FAQ.

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Compatible Devices with SCE Smart Meter

We’ve developed a Home and Business Area Network Testing Laboratory to thoroughly evaluate products and devices for compatibility with the SCE smart meter. Those that pass are listed here for your convenience!

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The following devices have successfully passed SCE testing and they meet the minimum requirements of the Smart Energy Profile 1.0/1.1 specification: Please note that we have not tested features of the device that are not currently supported by our programs.

Device Type MFG/ Model SEP Certified Confirmed Compatibility Energy Usage Text Load Control Energy Price
Display AzTech/
S 000-0600
1.1 5/14/2012 X X   X
Display Rainforest/
1.1 10/17/2012 X X   X
Display Rainforest/
EMU2 RFA-Z105-2
1.1 11/1/2012 X X   X
Thermostat ecobee/
1.1 11/1/2012 X X X X
Gateway ADT PulseSM/
1.1 8/17/2012 X X    
Gateway Digi/
1.1 1/23/13 X X    
Gateway Ember/
Emberpulse BBSE
1.1  1/6/2016 X X    X
Gateway Universal Devices/
ISY-994i ZS
1.1 9/6/13 X X X  
Gateway Rainforest Eagle/
1.1 9/20/13 X X    
Thermostat Emerson/
1.1 11/12/13 X X X  
Thermostat Energate/
Pioneer Z100
1.1 5/4/2012   X X  
Thermostat Energate/
Foundation FZ100
1.1 5/15/13 X X X  
Display JetLun/
1.1 2/14/2014 X X   X

We have not tested all ZigBee enabled HAN devices on the market, therefore there may be other device manufacturers and models that can successfully register to SCE’s smart meter which are not included in this list.

You should also understand that there are other factors within your home or business that can impact the communication between your device and the smart meter, such as the distance between the devices, barriers such as concrete walls and other wireless devices.

* Disclaimer:
The compatibility testing does not deem the device ‘certified’ in any other respect, nor does it promise that all device functionality claimed by the device manufacturer will work correctly. Rather, the list of devices simply demonstrates that the device has passed compatibility testing with SCE’s smart meter. The CPUC’s mandate that SCE publish a list of compatible devices does not constitute an endorsement of those devices, nor does it represent an exhaustive list of devices that may be compatible now or in the future. As the CPUC stated in Resolution E-4527 (issued October 3, 2012), “To the extent the Utilities [including SCE] validate HAN [home area network] devices or publish information about the validation results for these devices, as directed in this Resolution, the Utilities shall not be held liable for the market success or failure of a third-party HAN device”.

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