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Energize Your Business With My Account

My Account makes managing your business’ energy use as easy as pushing a button. Register or Log In now.

My Account is your business’ energy-use command center, where at a glance you can view everything from your usage history and current use, to your projected bill and daily demand report. You can also plan and manage your bill with Budget Assistant, a valuable tool to keep you within budget. My Account is with you every step of the way.

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Fit the Bill: Budget Assistant

Here’s an assistant you can always count on! Budget Assistant is a free and easy-to-use tool that offers your business a new level of convenience and control in managing your monthly energy costs. Want to set monthly spending goals? Simple. Need to monitor your progress through automated updates? No problem.  Budget Assistant helps you plan your company’s energy budget and stay on track.

Monitor & Manage: Usage Reports

Time and energy are two things you can’t afford to waste. That’s why My Account generates rapid reports on your electricity usage to help you understand your business’ energy needs. View your usage online in 15-minute increments, day-to-day, by the hour, or day-to-day within your current billing cycle. Whatever best suits your needs. You can even access reports from the previous day, so you can manage your energy use before your next bill arrives.