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Business Energy Guide: Buildings

Office buildings are a large and critical piece of California’s economy, housing a diverse array of businesses. As an office owner or property manager, you also have an array of savings opportunities, and we offer incentives and programs to go with them. From more efficient lighting (the biggest office energy guzzler) to green upgrades that save money over time and bring industry differentiation now, our Energy Management Solutions can help you get started.

Energy Efficiency Solutions


Since lighting accounts for 39% of the energy use in an average office building, we offer solutions and incentives to upgrade to efficient lamps and fixtures.

  • Sensors and Controls
  • Dimmable Ballasts
  • LEDs
Lighting Get Started

Heating, Ventilation & Cooling

In an average office, heating, ventilation, and cooling account for 28% of the energy use. Look into our Energy Management Solutions for incentives for upgrading to energy-efficient equipment. Here are just a couple of the many solutions to consider:

  • Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning (HVAC) Optimization
  • Electric Heat Pumps
Heating, Ventilation & Cooling Get Started

Demand Response Programs

Our Demand Response programs offer financial incentives to office buildings for temporarily reducing use upon request during periods of high-energy demand. From our Summer Advantage Incentive for customers with a monthly demand of 200kW... or customers with a monthly demand of 200kW..., which rewards energy reduction during high seasonal temperatures, to the year-round Demand Bidding Program and Capacity Bidding Program, your business may benefit from participating, while benefiting the grid and the environment. You might also be interested in Automated Demand Response (Express or Customized) for added convenience, or our free Energy Manager suite of savings tools. 

VIDEO: See how the Water Garden saved

Office Space by Numbers4

  • Office buildings account for about 60% of the electricity in California.
  • Almost 70% of office space is at least 20 years old.
  • Office buildings account for 17% of buildings, floor space and energy used.
  • U.S. offices use nearly 211 billion kilowatt hours each year, which represents 24% of the electricity used in commercial buildings in the U.S.
  • Green building was 35% of new non-residential construction activity in 2010—a $54 billion market and a doubling in just two years.
  • 93% of commercial building owners expect green will decrease their operating costs.
  • 61% of corporate leaders report that green building leads to market differentiation.
  • California’s commercial office space market is the largest and most diverse in the U.S.
  • Of the 1.3 billion square feet of office space in California, about 90% is leased as opposed to owner-occupied.

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