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Tools & Resources for Electric Cars

Get Informed & Get Support

You’ve decided to integrate electric vehicles or electric vehicle charging in your business. Ready to learn more? The materials and links below direct you to additional information about electric car charging equipment manufacturers and installation, guide you to state and federal energy incentive programs, and provide you information on the electric car charging infrastructure.


Helpful Information

Use the resources below to learn more about electric car charging for your employees, customers, tenants and fleets.

SCE: Your Partner in Preparing for Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicle Basics for Your Business
Customer/Visitor Electric Vehicle Charging for Business Sites
Fleets: Electric Vehicle Charging
Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installations
Electric Vehicle Rates, Rebates and Incentives
Multifamily Dwellings: Electric Vehicle Charging
Workplace: Employee Electric Vehicle Charging

Helpful Overviews

Visit GoElectricDrive for more information on electric cars, charging, and incentives.

Rebates & Incentives

Visit the websites listed below to learn more about state and federal programs for which you may qualify.

U.S. Department of Energy’s Database of Federal & State Alternative Fuel Incentives
California’s DriveClean Incentive Finder
Drive: California’s Alternative & Renewable Fuel & Vehicle Technology Program Funding Opportunities

Charging Equipment

Visit these websites to locate qualified Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) models, manufacturers and vendors.

Plug In America Accessory Tracker
GoElectricDrive Charging Station Showroom

Charging Station Map

Use the interactive map to find public charging stations in your area.
Charging Station Map

These links will connect you with third party website. SCE does not endorse these websites or any particular products or vendors that are mentioned on the websites. SCE makes no representations or warranties with respect to the comprehensiveness or accuracy of any information provided on these websites.



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