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Charging Station Equipment & Installation

Getting Equipped & Installed

Whether you’re the proprietor of a small eatery, the office manager of a large corporation, or a property manager, we’re here to help if you’re considering incorporating electric vehicle charging into your business. Read on for the basics about charging equipment, installation, and charging levels.

Close up of electric vehicle being charged

Charging: Levels & Times

Currently there are 3 charging levels—or voltages—for charging electric cars. As you might expect, higher voltage levels charge batteries faster, but often require additional investments in equipment and wiring upgrades. For a quick view of the different available charging levels, speeds and estimated equipment costs, check out our comparison chart.

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Comparison Chart for Charging Units1
Time to Full Charge from Full Discharge
AC Supply Voltage Battery Electric Vehicle Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Cost Per Charge Station

Level I Charging

120 volts

9 to 20 hours

3 to 7 hours

$0 to $1000

Level II Charging

240 volts

4 to 8 hours

1 to 3 hours

$500 to $6,000

DC Fast Charging

480 volts

5 to 20 minutes
80% full charge

10 to 30 minutes
80% full charge

$15,000 to $60,000

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment installer using a tool on a fuse box

The Installation Process

When you have decided to install charging equipment, call one of our energy advisors to discuss your charging equipment and rate options, which will determine any necessary electrical upgrades to your building. You’ll need an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) installer or qualified electrician to inspect your business, obtain required city permits and inspections, upgrade your wiring as needed, and install your new equipment. Afterward, we will inspect and, if necessary, upgrade the electrical service equipment that connects your business to the electric grid.

Electric vehicle being charged with a man using a laptop in the background

Picking Out Equipment

You can choose from a range of available electric car charging equipment, from basic models to stations outfitted with options like electronic payment technology and programmable timers. In addition to equipment, manufacturers and vendors often offer installation, maintenance, and other services for monitoring and managing your energy use and costs. Ready to choose a model and manufacturer? You can find help choosing the right equipment vendor on our Tools & Resources page.

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Cost Considerations

Your investment in electric car charging will fall within a wide range, as the price of charging equipment varies by model, and the cost of installation depends on your existing infrastructure, planned location for charging stations, and the equipment you select. Contact your equipment supplier and a qualified electrician for a quote. You may also qualify for federal, state and local rebates and incentives to help subsidize your costs and help you make the upgrade.

Illustration of two cars, two houses and a building

Multi-family Decision Tool

Live in or manage a multi-family dwelling? Take advantage of our easy-to-use tool and learn about EV charging station options.

1 This comparison chart for charging units is provided for your general information and is not intended as a recommendation, endorsement or guarantee of any particular charging level, charging unit type or charging unit cost. Charging times presented may vary according to make and model of the vehicle being charged, charging settings and battery state-of-charge. Charging unit costs are estimates based on publicly available information and do not include cost of installation, electrical work or additional equipment and/or services. Estimates valid as of: September 2012.

Businesses interested in setting up EV-charging services need to understand the legal, regulatory and other requirements that may be involved. SCE cannot advise customers on pricing or other aspects of a business involving the sale of electric vehicle-charging services, but we can provide assistance to our customers on service upgrades, metering and rates associated with EV charging.

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